I Only Thought I Was A Good Boy

A romantic comedy about a gay law school student who happens to fall for a hipster. But there's a twist... Is this person really a guy? Is he into something illegal? He's so mysterious!


2. Am I Mumbling?

               I sat, scribbling in my notebook, thoughtlessly as I tried to decide what I was going to eat after this last class. I was quite hungry and had been waiting to eat for a few hours. The words 'Dismissed' never could have come sooner at this point. My stomach was growling every thirty seconds and I had almost thought that the professor let our class out because he heard it across the room. No one seemed to notice honestly. It wasn't like high school where everyone looked at you and had questioned if you were starving. Because you didn't really know anyone here, like at high school. No one would care if you were hungry, much less even be unfocused enough to hear your stomach growl. 

               The class was over and my options were endless. I could pick something up from the store to cook, but I really didn't want to put the effort into it. I eventually went with Subway. Simple turkey, mayo, cheese, and pickles on a toasted bun and I chose to sit in a small booth In the back. I savored every bite until I held the last little bit in my hand. I questioned why all good foods were finished so quickly before I finally scarfed it down. I grabbed my soda, heading out the door when noticed a police car sitting not far from my car. Not that I had anything to worry about... That is until it pulled out and started following me when I left. I, for one, knew that there was nothing I could have been in trouble. I just had recently moved out of my parents house and hadn't even had a chance to start causing trouble. It had followed me all the way home, the driver thinking I hadn't noticed it a few cars back. I shook my head as it just passed by, wondering if I was just being paranoid. The next thing I noticed was an icy glare focused on me from gorgeous across the sidewalk. I felt confused, which was probably obvious in my expression. I looked away hurrying inside my apartment. Why is everyone being so weird today... Okay well maybe not everyone... But everyone that matters. I slapped my face sighing. Stop it! I yelled at myself. But I knew it wasn't going to stop.

               I spent the next few hours, decorating my living room. It looked quite fancy for just an apartment but I preferred it this way. I was sitting down to watch T.V. for a moment before there was a knock at my door. It startled me, being so unexpected. I slowly made my way to the door, opening it to come face to face with a younger male with quite a few tattoos. 

               "Hello, Tommy Peterson?" He said instantly. I looked blankly at him for a moment. 

               "I... I think you have the wrong apartment." I said concerned. He smelled slightly of alcohol and it was nauseating coming from someone else's breath. The kind of smell coming from someone who is undesirably close to you and it makes you uncomfortable but you cant bring yourself to say anything. Because sadly, I am a remarkably nice person. Sometimes it annoys me.

               "Oh! I'm sorry!" He says and turns away almost immediately. I shut the door after assuring him that it was okay. I cooked a small pot of spaghetti and ate before I slipped out of my clothes, getting comfortable in my bed after locking the doors. It didn't take long for me to pass out in the comfortable temperature and the soft blankets. When I awoke again it had to be nearly 11 o'clock because the sun was shining bright. I pulled myself from bed and took a shower. After I had fixed my hair, I decided to go out for breakfast. I was half way across the room when there was a knock on the door. I furrowed my brows and opened the door, instantly freezing up. I could feel the heat in my ears as he spoke. 

               "Hi, I'm sorry to disturb you, but my friend had been drinking a bit last night and I was just wondering if he said anything rude to you? And if so, I apologize." I stare at him for a moment which causes him to laugh softly and I finally mentally kick myself in the ass and shake myself out of my stupor. My heart was beating so fast I could hardly keep up and my palms started sweating. I forced some words out too quickly. 

               "He didn't- No- I can't recall." I stutter all at once. Up close he was just a tad bit taller than me and I myself wasn't very tall. Just 5'5. I was very lanky though and so was he. As I studied him up close, the small mole on his neck that I honestly would just love to press my lips against. It had a matching freckle above it, close to his jawline. His lips were plush looking besides two small dents in his bottom lip which looked like places where he bit his lip a bit too much. As if it was a habit. His eyebrows were perfectly shaped and I couldn't seem to find one flaw about him. His hair was black and shaggy and his skin was pale. I wouldn't doubt it, considering I never really saw him outside. His face was a tad bit feminine, but it looked attractive on him and everything about him was beautiful. He wore a grey v-neck t-shirt with some kind of band on the front. Pierce The Veil. I made a mental note to look them up later. His eyes were the greenest green I had ever seen and it put me in a state of paralysis, not to mention his smell. His smell just carried me to a different world. Not only did it make me want to jump onto him, but it twisted and tormented my stomach with a nervous feeling that I couldn't control. I would never forget the scent of his cologne. I only could imagine what he actually smelled like. My imagination wondered with a blank continuous stare until he cleared his throat, and he honestly sounded raspy but I think he was clearly telling me that I was being obviously blunt about checking him all kinds of out. I'm sure there is no way of describing of how red my face had gotten in those few seconds but I can say that I felt like I could faint anytime now. I composed myself and quietly apologized to the guy. He just smiled.

               "Would you like to be friends?" He randomly spouts and I swear, I nearly lose myself all over again. His voice is like chorus of angels, but I nod, making out the most attractive smile I can manage. "I'm sure you already know that's my apartment..." He said throwing his thumb behind him, pointing out his apartment, number 105. "So we don't have to go through all that awkward new neighbor bullshit." He chuckled softly and bit his bottom lip, my eyes focused on it until I drew up some courage. I was already smiling like and idiot... Did I really have to open my mouth too?

               "Yes! I... I actually was going to talk to you, soon." I said nervously and smiled honestly. 

               "Maybe we can hang out sometime? You want my number?" He asked and did he even have to ask. Seriously? I laughed and nodded. 

               "Of course! My name is Mathew by they way." I said as I got my phone out. 

               "Dominick." He said smiling as he waited for me to give him the go. I typed in his name in the proper space, all while having an uncontrollable exciting energy pulsing through me, and I smiled as big as I could without opening my mouth. I looked up at him and he started. I typed the numbers he recited to me into the space and made sure I pressed save. I looked over it admirably. "Some day when your free, maybe shoot me a text?" He grinned as he stepped away from my door.

               "I will definitely do that!" I laughed and turned as we dismissed ourselves, I didn't want to be awkward so I quickly stepped inside to stare at his butt through the window until he got into his own apartment. I squealed with joy and rolled around on my couch and then my floor. I felt like an idiot but honestly I didn't care, this was a gold hit and there was no way I was letting this get away from me. I had only hoped he was being flirty and not just friendly. At least having the idea maybe? Hopefully. I sat on my couch and stared at the phone, for some reason, hoping that soon I could look at the phone and be awaiting a message from him. The excitement could not be controlled. Not for days. Not even a week. And when almost two weeks passed of casual greetings and dismissals, with an assuring amount of effort put into his conversations and surprisingly positive reactions from my replies, I decided that I would text him soon. 

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