Story of My Life

It all started when I was made to take my little sister Emma to see One Direction in concert. They came to New York as part of their tour. I took Emma backstage and that's when I saw him. The love of my life. Louis Tomlinson. Read to find out if she get the boy or does she strike out.


5. The Beginning of a Wonderful Life

     Louis must have carried me upstairs last night because when I woke up I was in my room and he right beside me. I smiled and rolled over so the sun wasn't in my face.

  " Good morning love" he said kissing my head.

  " Good morning" I replied.

  " I have a gift for you" he said as he got up and walked over to his duffle bag.

  " Is that so" I said rolling back over.

  Louis grabbed whatever out of his bag and flopped back onto the bed beside me.

  " Love you know how I asked you to marry me?"  he asked

  " Yes " I said peeking over the covers.

  " Well here you go" he announced holding out a ring.

  It was so beautiful. It was silver with a big diamond on it.

  " Oh Louis its beautiful" I said as he slid it onto my finger.

  " You're welcome, love" he said planting a kiss onto my lips.

  We walked down stairs at the smell of break feast. We walked into the kitchen to see all the smiling faces waiting to greet us. After breakfeast everyone left and it was just me, Louis, and Em. We promised Em that we would take her and her little friends to the park. After breakfeast I ran upstairs and got ready, I changed into some l whole blue jeans and and a american flag tank top. I quickly pulled my hair into a bun and grabbed my bag and flung it off my shoulder and walked back down stairs to head to the park with my love and my sister.

  " Love would you like me to drive? " Louis asked opening the front door for me.

  " Um.. sure babe" I said giving him a quick smile and walked out the door.   " I held the door open for Em and closed her door as Louis opened mine and closed it when a was comfortably inside. he smiled and ran around to the other side and listened as Emma gave us direction to where to pick up here other peeps at. We drove around for a while un till we finally had the back seat full! We ended up picking up six of her little soccer friends ugh Louis' car was full.

 When we got to the park I hurried and let all the little monsters out so I didn't get trampled. Louis and I intertwined our fingers together and walked over to the swings and began to swing and talk.Louis pushed me on the swing.

 " So love do you want to talk about the wedding?" he asked.

 " Sure" I said looking up at him.

 " So when do you want it to be?" he asked.

" Um.. IDK the summer time? " I said slowly.

" Sure love I like that and when?" he asked sitting beside me on the swing.

" Umm how about next year in August" I said smiling.

  He smiled back and kissed my cheek. I smiled back and watched Em play around with her friends. We stayed there for an half an hour or so and then we left. Louis and I walked around for about an hour or so holding hands and spending time together before they went back on tour in a few weeks, but the bright think was that they were only going to be gone for a couple months unlike five like Simon planned. Which I was glad of. I found out that me and Louis are going to get married August 13 at 3:00pm. It was really boring waiting for the boys to get back. I waited and waited and waited.

   " Hello?" I said answering my phone.

   " Hey, love" Louis said.

   " Hey hows your tour thing so far?" I asked getting up and walking into the kitchen.

   " Good, we're chillin at the concert place waiting for it to start how are you holding up?" he said being calm.

  " Good just chilling being bored" I said with a laugh.

  " I'm sorry, we should be back in a couple months" he said.

  " I know babe, it's ok" I said laughing at his guilt.

  " Well I have to go, I'll try to call you later on tonight, but I don't know how late it'll be?" he said.

  " It's ok Louis, I'll talk to you in the morning" I replied.

  " Ok, I love you" he said.

 " I love you too" I said back smiling.

  I hung up the phone and put it on charge. Then I walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower. When I got out it was 8:45 and I was getting a little tired. I curled up on the couch and started to watch Nemo and ended up falling asleep. I woke up around 12:00 and stayed up till about 3:00. This schedule went on like this almost through the whole time they were gone.

  ~ 2 months later ~

   When I woke up this morning and noticed that I was getting bigger? Then I realized I haven't had my period either? I drove down to the drug store and got a pregnancy test. After I got home Louis texted me and told me he should be home in an hour. i took the test and waited for the results. I was pregnant!!! Holy shit! I was crying but I didn't know if it was from happiness or scared ness?

  When Louis got home I told him the new and he flipped. He cried and of course when he cried I cried. It was so funny cause my tears began happy instead of scared when I realized Louis was going to stay by me on this. 

 ~ The Next Morning ~

    I called the doctors office to schedule a ultrasound for the baby. After I finished I sat on the couch with Louis.

  " So what are we going to name the baby?" Louis asked?

  " Well I was thinking Jackson Andrew if a boy but I couldn't think of a girl" I said.

  " Oh, well can I try?" Louis asked.

  " Sure, its your baby too" I said laughing.

  " How about Brighton for a girl it means " Beloved one or Bright one" Louis said smiling.

  " I love it" I said hugging him.

  The next 4 months were offal. I was really painful. But bless Louis' heart he ran out at 12:30 am to get me a body pillow. My mom said its best to lay on your left side and out a body pillow between your legs. Well finally for months went by and it was about time to go find out if we are having a little girl or little boy. Louis helped me get ready and get into the car. Now I was flipping huge! But Louis said I wasn't that big which makes me think I'm even bigger.

  We pulled into the parking lot and Louis helped me inside. We got back to the room and did the usual steps. But no matter how many times you get ultrasounds you'll never get use to the coldness. The doctor looked around a little and and then he finally stop in one place. Well he smiled and showed us the little spot on the screen.  

  " Congratulations you guys are having a little girl!" he said smiling.

  I looked up at Louis who was in tears and hugged me. When went back home and told my mom and sister the news. She went haywire and hugged us tight till we couldn't breath. After that my mom has been buy baby girl stuff none stop Louis and I's room is filled with baby stuff, but I'm happy. We've decided to go with Brighton Paige Tomlinson. My mom loved it and so did we. It was amazing what you took get done with stuff off your mind. Louis and I manage to get the crib, diaper changing table play room, and play pin set up in her room. It has pink walls, with little tiny black microphones and music notes. It was so cute. Ugh, since I got the stuff done I needed done today, so I decided to take a nap.

   I lay down and watched t.v for a while till I fell asleep my left side was hurting. Brighton apparently loved that spot. When I finally fell asleep it wasn't much later I was woke up by Brighton again. I love that girl, but she got on my nerves. I woke up and felt a little snacky, so I ate a pudding cup till Louis got home. 

  " Hey, love" he said walking into the door.

  " Hey, how was the recording studio today?" I asked giving him a kiss.

  " Crazy" he said  laughing.

  I laughed along and not before long I was all of a sudden really tired! So I went to bed but around 8:30 pm that was really early for me. Round 12:30 am I had sharp pains on the right side. I woke up Louis and told him. He agreed to take me to the hospital. My mom was at work so we had to drag poor Emma along. The doctor checked me in and then when I was all comfortable i found out I had went into labor? I was flipping out it was 3 months to early. After awhile they gave me medicine that helped me sleep. When I woke up it was from a contraction and I was dilated only 4. Ugh, this was going to be the longest night of our lives and by our I mine me!

  I woke up again to another sharp pain, and this time I stayed awake. It hurt worse now! That was probably because I was now dilated 4 1/2. Ugh, I was in so much pain. But, I was also to scared to think about most of it due to the fact that the baby was three months early!!! Another contraction came and all of a sudden there was a baby laying on the bed. I just looked at it like it was a ghost. Just as the nurse walked in. She came over and wrapped the baby up and went running off to I think what it was called a nursery? After about five minutes they brought her back in to us. 

                                                    Louis P.O.V

   Elena had feel bad asleep. About five minutes after they took Brighton, they brought her back in to us. 

  " Would you like me to bring her back later?" the nurse asked.

  " Um no can you wheel her over here so i can see her please?" I asked.

  " Sure thing" she said wheeling her on over in a enkabater. 

  " Am I aloud to hold her at all?" I asked sticking my finger in the little whole messing with her hand.

  " Yes, anytime" she said smiling and closing the door so we can have our own little place.

  I looked at her little brown hair. So was so little! The nurse said she only weighed 2 1/2 pounds, 12 inches long. I looked at her tiny blue eyes trying to look at me then she closed them and apparently fell asleep. She grabbed my finger in her tiny hand and held it there. Elena woke up a while later and saw her. 

  " Would you like to hold her?" I asked standing up and walking over to the bed.

  She nodded as I lay her in her arms. Elena smiled, and so did Emma as she sat on the bed next to Elena watching her little niece. The nurse came in about 30 minutes later to check Elena out and the baby.

 " So, have you picked a name?" the nurse asked smiling writing something on a notepad.

 " Well we've decided on Brighton Paige Tomlinson" Elena said. 

 " Awe, thats so cute" she said walking out.

 Emma held her for a little bit and then the nurse came and took her. Which was fine cause of how small she was. We were able to be checked out by that evening , but Brighton had to stay a couple months to make sure she was healthy. Which was fine it gave me and Louis time to figure out how to use a car seat and pack her up a diaper bag.

  ~ 2 months later ~  Today was the day we got to bring Brighton home! Louis and I drove over to the hospital to pick up our little girl. Louis grabbed the diaper bag as he intertwined our fingers and we started to walk up the sidewalk. I had the car seat in my other hand. We walked into the room where our little girl was. They let us get her out and change her diaper, then we put a little outfit on her. It was a pair of pink pants, with a yellow shirt that had white flowers in it, she had a little white bow bandanna on, with tiny little white shoes. She look so adorable. Louis gently placed her in the car seat and buckled her in. I slug the diaper bag over my shoulder and walked behind Louis as he carried Brighton out of the room down the hall and out to our car. Louis put the car seat back into the car and shut the door. I sat in the back with her and made she she was safely in. 

 Louis drove carefully but slowly. When we got to the house we took everything in even the car seat. We walked in and saw all the boys, my mom, and my sister. They all took turns holding her and talking to her. She slept mostly, which was pretty funny. Since tonight was here first night home, we decided to put up her play pin in our room so we could keep an eye on her....................

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