Story of My Life

It all started when I was made to take my little sister Emma to see One Direction in concert. They came to New York as part of their tour. I took Emma backstage and that's when I saw him. The love of my life. Louis Tomlinson. Read to find out if she get the boy or does she strike out.


8. One Year Later.............

    Its been a year since Louis left and Brighton was now a year and one month old she's growing up way too fast! I got up this morning to Brighton talking to herself in her crib. I picked her up changing her diaper  and her clothes. I put her in a little pink dress with white tights and a little fluffy tutu. i clipped her hair back into a pink and white poka dotted bow She had white sandles on and we went out into the back yard. I put her into her baby swing that I had went a couple months ago for her. She loved swing in her. I pushed her in her swing as she giggled her little laugh. 

    I let her down so she could practice "walking". Which may have been a bad idea taking that she is only one and a month. I was looking down at my phone when Brighton made and quick laugh. i looked up and saw Louis walking toward me with Brighton. i was in shock at first, but then i jumped up off the swing and ran to Louis. He wrapped his arm around me holding brighton in the other and hugged us tightly. I gave him a kiss and smiled glad he was home. We walked back over to the swing set and let Brighton play some more while we talked. Louis had diffently changed since last time I saw him he had long hair that he could put in a tiny and a face full of fascial hair.

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