Story of My Life

It all started when I was made to take my little sister Emma to see One Direction in concert. They came to New York as part of their tour. I took Emma backstage and that's when I saw him. The love of my life. Louis Tomlinson. Read to find out if she get the boy or does she strike out.


6. Bringing her home :)

   I ended up having to get up four times last night cause Brighton was either hungry or she had to have her diaper changed. When I finally got her to sleep this morning I walked down stairs to get me a bit to eat. I fix myself some bacon,eggs and toast. I sat down and I felt Louis wrap his strong arms around me.

  " Hey love" he said kissing me.

  " Hey" I said kissing him back.

  " Is Brighton still asleep?" I asked taking a drink of orange juice.

  " Yeah, she was when I passed her play pin " he said.

  " Ok" I replied getting up and putting my plate in the sink.

  Just as Louis lend down and began to kiss me again. Brighton began to cry upstairs.

  " Awe someone wants her daddy" I said laughing.

  " Dang it Brighton nice timing" Louis said laughing.

   Louis ran up the stairs and grabbed Brighton. He walked back down and brought her into the kitchen. I smiled at the sight of Brighton and daddy. Brighton has been attached to Louis ever since we brought her home. Which is great cause since I meant Louis I always knew he'd be great with kids. Louis held her to his chest gently rocking her, but she wasn't gonna go for it.

   " Babe I think she's hungry?" I said going up to the cabinet and grabbing a bottle. I made the bottle and placed it into the microwave let it get a little warm. I took it out and dripped some on my wrist making sure it wasn't to warm. After I fed her her bottle I sat her into her little swing and turned on Blue's clues. Now for just a little baby she sure loves cartoons.                                                           

                                                     Louis' P.O.V

    I ran up stairs a jumped into the shower while Elena was watching Brighton. We had to meet the boys at the studio and it was Brighton's first time going so we'll see how she does. After i was done we got her all packed up and loaded into the car and began toward the studio. As we walked in Niall screams.

   " Ahh theres uncle Niall's little girl!" He yells running toward Brighton.

   " Freeze!" I said.

    Niall freezes. Elena chuckles a little trying not to laugh at Niall.

   " ok now slowly take her carefully" I said handing her to Niall.

    Niall nodded and walked toward the couch and sat down with Brighton. I smiled at the sight of Niall being clam for once,but he was also holding a little priceless baby. The boys are doing very well with Brighton, taking they are VERY hyperactive. Im proud sometimes.... Niall ended up passing Brighton off to Liam while he and I sang our part in our new song. We're going on tour for a year so by the time I get back home Brighton will be 1 and 1 month. After we were done at the studio we said our goodbyes knowing I'd see the boys next week. We got brighton home and lay her down for her nap while Elena and I talk about the tour. 

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