Story of My Life

It all started when I was made to take my little sister Emma to see One Direction in concert. They came to New York as part of their tour. I took Emma backstage and that's when I saw him. The love of my life. Louis Tomlinson. Read to find out if she get the boy or does she strike out.


3. Beach house party

    Louis picked me up around 11:30. I had my swim top on and a pair of shorts on over my bottoms and a pair of brown flip flops. Louis was wearing a pair of blue and white swim trunks and a blue bennie and pair of sun glasses. He pulled up in a nice blue mustang. I giggled and hopped in. He smiled and we were off to the beach. We pulled up and it wasn't to crowded. He got out and opened my door. He grabbed a picnic basket and a towels and grabbed my hand and we akwardly walked down to the beach and found a great spot and lay the stuff out. Then he grabbed my hand again and we ran to water. I took one step and knew it was to cold. He laughed and pulled me in anyways.


     " OMG, Louis that's fucking cold!" I yelled shriving.

     " I'm sorry " he said laughing.

     We swimed for hour just talking and laughing all day. When we got tried of swimming we raced back up to the towels and fell onto the beach. We were laughing all the way. I fell asleep with my sunglasses on. An hour passed and we ate lunch Louis made. He packed sandwiches, fruit and water. He was so sweet. 


     " So Elena will you go out with me as in my girlfriend?" Louis asked running his fingers through his wet hair.

     " Um.....yes ill love that" I said smiling.

      Louis smiled and grabbed my face gently. All I could do is look into his eyes as he smiled. Finally his softly, warm lips touch mine. All of a sudden it was like the world stop and it was only us two. I'm glad I get to be with him. We danced and he spun me around. We laughed most of the night. I caught a glimpse of a figure. I didn't quite catch it but he seemed familiar. I look over and see Lance punch Louis straight into the face like that. Louis fell to the ground. He got up and tackled Lance to the ground. 

     " Why are you putting your hands on my girlfriend" Lance yelled fight his hands.

     " Um ex girlfriend" I said.

   Lance flipped louis over and just began whaling him in the face. When  I finally got him off of Louis his face was all bloody. I took him back to my house and cleaned him up. He sat on my counter as I washed a cloth with warm water. I wiped his face gently. I walked toward the sink and rised out the rag and I let it plop into the sink. He came and wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled as he turned me around and kissed me so gently. He smiled too. He picked me up and cared me over to the couch. Louis gently lay me on the couch and flopped beside me. He kissed me a few more times and sat up beside me. I turned on the t.v. to Nemo. I fell asleep half way through the movie.

                               Louis P.O.V

    Half way through the movie I look over to Elena to ask her a question and she had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I smiled. I picked her up gently and carried her to her room that was up stairs. I placed her in her bed. I kissed her head and began to walk out the room when she spoke.

     " No stay please" she said in a quiet voice rubbing the sheet beside her. 

     " Babe are you sure" I asked rubbing her head.

   She nodded. I agreed and got under the covers with her. She placed her head on my chest and fell asleep. She was shaking cause of her a/c . I pulled her closer. I don't really remember much because after a while I fell asleep too.

                                                     My P.O.V

      I woke up in Louis arms. I carefully got up out of bed and walked down stairs. I grabbed pancake mix out of the cabnet and made us pancakes. After they were done I set a pate up and placed it onto a tray and carried it up the steps and to Louis. He sat up at the smell of the pancakes. I laughed a little bit.

    " Thanks babe" he said 

    " You're welcome" I said and I walked down stairs and flipped on the t.v.

  I sat on the couch and started to watch Garfield. Em came home just a few minutes later.

  " Where have you been?" I asked her.

  " Oh, I was at Sophie's" she said placing her over night bag by the door.

  She walked into the kitchen and got her a bottle of water. I walked into the kitchen to get a bottle of water myself. I sat at the table across from her and it was silent for a while un till mom walked in. 

   " Hey momma" I said.

  " Hey sweety " She said.

  I walked back upstairs and sat on my bed with Louis.

  " So what do you want to do today love?" He asked me.

 "Um Idc" I said.

 " Um Before we do anything thou I have to go get my hair cut is that ok? " Louis asked.

" Yeah thats fine" I said pulling my hair up into a bun.

   I grabbed my keys and louis followed me down the steps and when  we reached the door he grabbed his keys and wallet and we headed toward the door. We drove my black bmw to Great Clips and went to get Louis his hair cut. We walked in and sat in the few empty chairs. It wasn't as crowded as we thought it would be. When we finally got Louis a chair, I got to sit by him. He was acting like a little kid in a candy store he was so cute and very excited. I laughed and watched as the barber began to cut off his hair little by little. His skater hair became a hot boy band cut. After the barber was done he turned Louis around and showed him his new hair. He loved it. Louis thanked my man and payed him ten bucks and a five dollar tip.

  After we finished his hair cut we stopped by Ci Ci's and ate lunch. We talked about the tour that was in a couple of months and the concerts. We talked forever and even after we were done, we just sat there and talked. It was pretty fun.

  " So where do you want to go now?" Louis asked sipping his drink.

 " Um idc " I said taking a drink of my pop as well.

 " Well how about we go drive around and see what we can find to do?" He asked standing up. 

 " Ok" I agreed and stood up.

   Louis walked up to the counter and pay the check. I walked up behind him and waited till he was done. After that we turned around and headed out the door. Louis held the door open for me and a very nice old couple who sat a few tables behind us. I smiled and waited for him to check up. He finally caught up and grabbed my hand gently and intertwined our fingers together and we walked side by side till we reached the car. He opened my door and shut it when I was all the way in. I decided to let him drive because I had no idea where he wanted to go.

   We drove around town for a while and decided to pull into the mall parking lot.

  " Would you like to go in love?" he asked.

  " Sure" I said sipping another drink of my drink before we headed in the mall.

 Louis got out of the car and walked over to my side and opened the door for me like always. I giggled and made my way out the car door. I slung my bag over my shoulder and took his hand as he helped me out of the car.

  " Thanks" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

 He smiled and once again grabbed my hand gently. I smiled back and we made our way into the mall. We walked around for a while and decided to go into aeropostal. We picked out a couple shirts and shorts. Then we headed to Finish Line. After we were done in the mall we got pictures before we left. Louis put one in his wallet and I put one in my pocket till I got home. After he dropped me off he walked me up to the door. 

   " Thanks for a fun night" I said putting me hands in my pockets.

   " You're welcome Elena anything for you" he replied.

   I blushed and shrugged trying not to stand out. He just gave me a hot smirk. He placed his hand gently on my cheek and slowly moved his lips towards mine. I froze there just watching his lips inch closer. Emma popped her head out and scared me to death.

   " Mom said its time for dinner" she said loudly.

  "Damn it, Em" I said.

  " Ok, I'll be in in a second" I told her. 

  She smiled and popped her head back through the door. Louis just laughed. I kissed his cheek and stepped through the door.

                                                      Louis P.O.V

      I lend in to kiss her when her little sister Emma popped her head out. Elena told her she'll be in in a minute and then she went back inside. I stood there with my hands in my pockets and waited for what would happen next. Elena placed her hand gently on my face and kissed my cheek. I could feel my face get red and warm. She gave me a sweet smile and closed the door. I was glad I was in her life and from now on I swear to myself I refuse to let anything happen to her. I walked back to my car and started her up. I drove back home since we're all on break before the tour but I prayed Elena didn't know about the tour cause I kind of doutin on going. I started my car and headed back to my mums house. I was so excited to see all my sisters and my mum. 

                                                     My P.O.V

       I ate dinner with my mom and sister. Still having two places set at the table but never food there. After dinner I did my usual bed prepares. I go up stairs and brush my teeth, then I brush my long hair back into a bun. After I finished I lay down in my bed and I never really noticed that how weird it feels without Louis beside me. He always kept me warm at night even though it was 75 degrees in the day time but at night it drops a lot. I miss my sleeping buddy. I heard my phone ring. I rolled over and grabbed my phone. The caller ID read Louis with a picture of his hot smiling face. 

   " Hello " I answered.

  " Hey babe" Louis replied

 " I can't sleep " I said laughing a little. 

" Me either, I'm so cold" he said.

  " So what are you doing?" I asked rolling over on  my side.

 " Nothing look out your window" He said.

 " What why I'm  not in m,y regular room my mom finally broke down and let me have my brother room" I said as I got up and opened the window. 

   " Hi" Louis said as I saw him hanging from the white fence on the side of our house.

   " What are you doing here?" I asked as he pulled his way through the window.

   " To see my cuddling buddy" he said giving my that sexy smirk.

   " Oh" I said smiling grabbing his shirt and pulling him in for a long deep kiss.

   I could feel him form a smile beneath the kiss. He kissed me over and over till we landed on the bed. He was on top of me kissing my neck. But after we found the covers he pulled my close to his chest. I cuddled closely into his arms. I tried to find his warmth. Finally I got warm and fell asleep in Louis arms. He held me tightly till I woke up the next morning and he was staring at me smiling. 

  " Good morning love" he said kissing me.

 " Good morning" I said cuddling closer to him.

" What do you want to do today?" he asked.

 " Lay here with you forever" I said smiling.

 He smiled and lend over top of me. He kissed my lips over and over again. It made me want him more each time but I didn't know when the right time was? 

  I smiled and kissed him a few more times.

  " Ugh I have to get up and get a shower." I said getting out of the bed.

   I stepped onto the floor and it was so cold. My brothers room is different then the others. His room had wooden floors which did not fell so good. 

  " Damn thats cold" I said getting back into the bed.

  " Here love I'll carry you to the bath room" he said grabbing me up bridal style.

  " thanks" I said as I watched him pick me up.

  Louis carried me into the bathroom. He placed me onto the rug thing so my feet weren't cold. He turned on the water for me and smiled. I already had taken off my shirt and was tiring to unbutton my bra.

 " Here let me help you" Louis said unbuttoning my bra.

" Thx" I said and I jumped into the shower.

     Louis walked back out into the bedroom.

                                                   Louis P.O.V

    I helped Elena with her bra and walked back into the bedroom. I lay back in bed and waited for Elena to get done. When I heard the water shut off I rolled over towards the door. Elena walked out with a white towel around her. I smiled a little but not too much so she would notice.

  " Come here babe" I said. She smiled at me and walked over. I sat up in the bed and she sat next to me. 

 " Yes" she asked smiling.

  I smiled back and pulled her onto my lap kissing her soft lips gently. She sat on my lap as we made out a little. I was trying not to go to quick so till I could tell if she wanted to go this far or not. She started to inch her way closer and closer which gave me a thought that she was ready for this commitment. I slowly rolled her off of me so that I was on top of her leaning over her kissing her more. She slowly helped me take off my shirt. Her towel still covering herself. When she finished taking off my shirt it revealed my tan abs and my muscles. I kissed her neck and she kissed my lips gently. She dropped her towel as she rolled on over top of me. She had her bra and underwear on. She kissed my lips running her fingers through my hair. 

  I wrapped my arms around her back as she still kissed my lips. Her lips wear so soft and tasted like strawberries. I slowly unbuttoned her bra and let it fall of her. Next she stood up on her knee still kissing me but more different a whole nother side of her and I enjoyed it. I slowly ran my hands down her hip bone and found her underwear line. I slowly pushed them down to her ankles. She wrapped her legs around my waist.

  " Take me to the shower" she whispered sexyly in my ear. 

  " Ok " I whispered back into her ear.

  I picked her up hair legs still wrapped around my waist. I slowly step into the bathroom and put her in the bath tub. She turns on the water. 

  " Come in " she whispers calling me with her finger. 

 I  quickly pulled of my pants and my underwear. I popped into the shower to feel her slam me into the wall. She kissed me roughly over and over again. I smiled and picked her up. My hands around her waist and her legs around my waist. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her neck. The warm water rushed down my back. I slide my dick into her slowly so I didn't hurt her for our first time. She moans a little nut grabbed into my back. 

  " Louis" she said into my ear.

  " Yes, babe" I asked.

  " I think I Love you" she said moaning again.

  " I love you to Elena" I said pushing in and out of her.

  I turned the water off and carried back into the room. I placed her onto the bed and landed on top of her. She got on top of me and kissed my neck and went down. I grabbed the sheets to stop from flipping out. I hurried and got back onto knowing we were both tired and ready for a nap. I slide my cock inside of her and pushed in and out fast but at a steady speed. She grabbed the sheets and bite her lips to stop the screams. I went faster and faster but she was a hard one to crack.

                                                My P. O . V

    I could fell Louis inside of me. It hurt a lot at first but as he got faster the hurt turned into pleasure.

  " I think im about done babe" I said as he pumped more and more.

  " Its ok" he said 

   He went quicker and quicker and quicker  till finally I reached my climax. He pumped in one last time and caved into me. He kissed my lips over and over again. Even though it felt like three hours I look and the clock and it was only thirty minutes. I fell asleep tangled up with louis and sheets.


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