an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


39. truths


i couldn't get any words to come out my mouth. It was like my brain shut down completely.


i think todays the day i said nervously.

maybe selana said while fixing my make-up.

i looked at her in the mirror and squinted.

you've been acting so wei- i started

stop blinking she said quickly cutting me off. i closed my eyes so she could put my eye shadow on and sighed.

you're ready selena said smiling. i opened my eyes and got out of the chair and quickly headed to my closet. what should i wear i mumbled.

i eventually chose something simple but pretty. after all i had no idea what we were doing.:

bye selena i yelled walking outside. just like he said Cole was there at 6 o'clock sharp. i got in the car and just as i closed the door he pulled me towards him for a kiss. i smiled tangling my hands in his short but thick hair.

i was first to break the kiss. which surprised me even more than he did. say say say it a little voice in the back of my head said.

i took a deep breath and fiddled with my hands. Cole i started. he held up his hand for me to stop. my face broke in disappointment. 

did he know what i was going to say?

chancidy i can't let you say that he paused and looked at me with a sad smile on is face. i have to be first he added laughing

i love you he said caressing my face. i broke in to laughter. i love you to i said still smiling.

(end of flashback)

i shook my head clearing my thoughts and did the unthinkable. i kissed him. he was clearly surprised at first. he kissed me back passionately.

he broke the kiss after a while and we both breathed heavily. i looked at him and smiled. yes i definitely have some feelings there.

he grabbed my hand and smiled. the drive home was silent. we arrived at my house sooner than i would've liked. i looked at him and said stay for a while.

he shrugged his shoulders and said shure. we walked to the front door hand in hand. i put in the movie "lone survivor". i knew i would regret it knowing i would cry.

about 30 minutes later someone knocked on the door. the only person i could think that would come to my house this late was cidney. i remembered her going off somewhere.

i got up slowly and opened the door. gale was there and his eyes were puffy and red. gale i don't want to hear it i said tiredly.

no it's bella he said looking down. i scrunched my eyebrows together in confusion. i felt someone wrap there arms around my waist. knowing it was Justin i didn't look up.

gale glared at him for a minute or two before continuing what he was saying. she's in the hospital he said angrily.

what happened? i asked now more confused then ever. before he could answer i said Justin you have to take me to the hospital.

i walked towards Justin's car and looked back at gale. wait i told Justin who was now in the drivers seat.

i ran back to gale and placed a hand on his shoulder. come with us i said quietly. he glared at me and shook his head.

please gale i forgive you you're forgiven what will it take i said as tears forced to spill over my eyes.

he sighed. just don't cry he said walking towards Justin's car.


we arrived at the hospital in less than 15 minutes. i literally jumped out the car and ran towards the hospital. i went to the counter quickly

excuse me? i said sweetly to the lady at the counter. she looked at me and pointed to the phone in her hand.

i rolled my eyes ignoring her. this is an emergency ma'am i need the rom number for bella swan. i said anxious. by now Justin and gale were behind me.

the lady gave me a stank look and continued to talk on the phone. Justin growled behind me while gale glared.

i looked around and saw she had a cup of coffee on the desk. i reached over and grabbed the coffee cup. she looked at me confused but i once again ignored her.

i walked over until i was over the cheap little phone. i turned the coffee cup down and it spilled all over the phone.

the phone sparked few times before completely breaking. oops i said coldly. now where's the room for bella swan i added now angry.

her expression was now shocked. floor 3 r-room a4 she said quietly stuttering. i walked to the elevator and held it open for gale and Justin.

nice gale said nodding

Justin came in the elevator laughing. he leaned over towards me. i like it he whispered before pressing the button for floor 3.

my knees turned to jelly and i leaned on the rail behind me for support.

when the elevator stopped gale was first to get out. Justin was next but before fully getting out he looked at me. you know you're hot when you're angry. he said smiling.

i rolled my eyes and walked past him catching up with gale.

ok so the next chapter is going to be where everything goes down. and then it's like 3 or 2 chapters left. i might make a sequel i don't know yet if i do im definitely going to need a co-author (hint hint). i haven't forgotten that cidney's going to Paris if you were wondering.

i haven't updated this in like a week my bad. i was at the beach in panama city. but yeh the usual spread the word and help me get to 20 likes and favorites

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