an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


41. truths part 2


i sat on the Justin's lap in the cold hard plastic chair waiting for bella to wake up. if she woke up. the thought of bella dead made me nauseous. i shook the thought away from my head and leaned against Justin.

gale what happened i asked quietly. he looked at me for a while before answering. she kissed me he said sighing deeply.

my had shot up and i looked at him shocked. A weird feeling took over me then.  i felt jealous. but that couldn't be because i liked justin not gale. right?

i don't understand justin said. i nodded agreeing with him. gales eyes went down and he started to fiddle with his hands. that meant he was hiding something. gale i said slowly what happened.

well i was at her house and i made her mad and she went ... crazy and she said she loved me and stuff. and then she kissed me and she started to laugh. then i left... gale said

i squinted at gale and he gave me a look that said later. i sighed wishing Bella's aunt and uncle were here. they left a couple of hours ago.

want something to eat? justin asked for the millionth time. i grabbed a 5 dollar bill and told him to get me something from the vending machine. i got up from his lap and he left the room without glancing back. 

why did you leave? i asked gale minutes after justin left. he cleared his throat and looked at me. I'm in love with someone else he said slowly. just like i thought this had something to do with me. i leaned back in the chair and groaned.

Just as i was about to say something Justin's phone buzzed on the side table. Being the curious me i reached over and grabbed it. gale looked at me confused. so do you guys like.. go out or something he asked curiously.

i nodded slowly waiting for his reaction. All he did was look down.  i turned my attention back to Justin's phone. i slid it so it unlocked and clicked on i message. i looked confused at the screen as selena's contact lit up indicating that she had texted him.

from: selena

to: justin

end it now

i looked at the message now more confused than ever. was she talking about me? i typed in what and pressed the send button while looking around to see if justin had come back. she replied back almost immediately.

from: selena

to: justin

the bet of course. you don't have to pretend to love her anymore.

the phone slid out of my hand as i read the last word. it all made sense now. why would justin Bieber go out with me chancidy Williams. why would he say he loved me. a bet of course. it was all a lie..

chancidy gale said cautiously.  His words were drowned out by a loud and long beeping. It all happened at once. It could've been in slow motion.We both instantly looked at Bella's monitor.  To confirm our fears there was just a strait line.

Gale got to bella faster than i did. wake up wake up wake up he begged her not caring about the tears that rushed down his face. I grabbed her hand and started sobbing. bella no.. i said in between sobs.  The door bust open an at least 10 doctors and nurses came rushing in. the pushed me and gale out of the way not bothering to second glance us.

gale and i hand in hand tried pushing through the crowd only to be pushed back further than we started. The door burst open to reveal another 5 doctors. one grabbed me by the waist and started dragging me out the room.

i tried everything from stepping on his foot to spitting in his face. i looked to my left to see gale fighting harder than i was. 2 doctors were on the ground by him.  He caught my eye and rushed over towards me trying to pull me out of the doctors grasp.

let her go he yelled. With one hard tug he pulled me away. We once again tried to fight the crowd that was surrounding bella.

clear! a doctor yelled. They were now trying to bring her back. no no no she's not dead gale yelled somewhere beside me. Once again a doctor grabbed me by the waist and tried dragging me out the door.

i didn't stop them this time. i was in to much shock. bella was dead.



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