an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


37. swing sets and bets



we sat on the swing for who knows how long. want to do something crazy and childish Justin whispered. I looked at him my eyes begging for explanation.

He got off the swing and went behind me.

i laughed what- before i could finish he started pushing me.  I laughed some more. then it hit me. like a bomb was placed inside of me and it finally went off


we all know im going to win chancidy he said laughing

never say never cole i said rolling my eyes. we were at the park at 9'oclock pm.

i swung my legs higher eager to win. i heard something hit the ground and looked down to see cole had already jumped out of his swing.

i jumped and expected to land on the hard ground but instead i landed on something soft. i looked down to see cole smiling. i blushed i guess it's a tie i said smiling

i leaned down and smashed my lips against his. he wrapped one arm around my waist and used the other one to caress my face.

i was first to pull away. you know i think im in l- i was cut off by someone flashing a flashlight towards us. which i have to say left me blind for a couple of seconds.

what are you kids doing a grumpy man said park security cole mumbled. i had completely forgotten the park had closed hour(s) ago. i quickly slid off of him and stood up. i held out a hand to help cole and he took it grateful.

sorry sir but don't you see the pair of kids raiding the snack bar cole said innocently. the security guard turned around and in one quick motion cole grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

we ran into the woods making a short cut to his house. we arrived at his house sweaty tired and out of breath. we snuck upstairs quietly knowing his parents didn't allow guests after dark without permission.

we went on the balcony and we couldn't hold it in. we burst in to hysterics. we just laughed the night away...

(end of flashback)

i don't know when this was but at some point in my little "trance" i jumped out of the swing. so when i snapped out of my trance i was on the ground being kissed. i opened my eyes to see  Justin hovering over me. did i mention he was kissing me?

i broke the kiss confused. what happened? i asked quietly

well i was pushing you and you were laughing for quite some time then you whispered something like "never say never" and you just jumped. after you jumped you froze up and didn't say anything he explained

i stared at him a while before saying so you kissed me?

it seems to be the only way for you to come back to reality. he said blushing you really have to stop doing that you scare the hek out of me.

aww you care about me i said eager to change the topic. he punched my shoulder lightly. it's more than "care" chancidy. i think... im in love with you he said shyly.

well that took me by surprise.


selena gasped and so did i. she brought her hands in to fist. this cannot be happening she said angrily.

(earlier that day)

chancidy and i sat under a tree just talking.

thanks for caring chancidy. i mean i don't think i have anyone else i said fake sniffing. i felt my phone vibrate in my purse and quickly took it out.

it was a text from selena. i made sure chancidy couldn't see it and read it. she only texted one word which was bleachers but it made complete sense.

um.. I'll be right back i uh i have to use the bathroom i explained quickly. i got up and ran towards the football field which was where the bleachers were located. i found selena easily.

what's up i said out of breath.

here stick this on chancidy it works like a pro plus it's waterproof. theres a 75 percent chance there going out tonight she said handing me a little chip.

what is it a asked confused. a voice recorder selena said rolling her eyes. now go before she gets suspicious she added shooing me.

once again i ran across the field back to chancidy. sorry it took me so long i said breathing heavy. as if on cue the bell rang.

chancidy stood up and brushed the leaves off her shirt. i hugged her and thanked her once again. i stuck the chip in her hair and walked away pleased at my success

(the present)

i know what to do selena said coldly. i looked at her for an explanation. well it's a bet Kimberley. all i have to do is tell him to end it and he gets his money 

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