an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


33. sugar sweet


Justin do you no the answer or not Ms. may yelled from across the was Friday and my brain was just not working. nor did i care about what we were learning.

 i eyed the board suspiciously one last time before turning to look at her. i don't think i do mam. i said in a sugar sweet voice that made all the teachers think that i was just a cute clueless kid. it also made them forget anything bad i had did.

Ms. may nodded and continued the lesson. i smirked pleased. i heard selena giggle beside me. i rolled my eyes. i mean how fake could she be?

something wrong babe? she said trying to be romantic. i looked at her in disgust. sometimes i don't know what's wrong with her. she could be the best girl any guy could want. then days like this she's so fake even Barbie's jealous.

usually i would let this slide but today was different. selena- i started she cut me off quickly. yes justy she said while putting her hand on my thigh.

i picked up her hand and put it on the desk. i picked it up like i would a rodent. i then looked at chancidy who was only a few rows up.  she was writing notes. so innocent i thought. oh i get it selena said beside me.

i looked at her confused. its part of the act  she said  smirking. before i could even open my mouth the bell rang and she left.

i can't deny she had me thinking. was the part of the act...or something real.


i walked out of class nervous. it was obvious Justin had strong feelings for chancidy. i just had to find out if she liked him back.

i waited for Kimberley impatiently at her locker. when she arrived 5 minutes later i glared at her for making me wait. she open her mouth to explain but i grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the bathroom.

we have an emergency i said after checking all the stalls to make sure we were alone. i saw Kimberley rub her wrist and rolled my eyes.

this is serious i said in a deadly voice. she rolled her eyes and sat on the counter popping her gum. whats up she said un-interested.

ok you know the bet Justin made well he's obviously falling head over heels for the bitch and if they become a "thing" then im nothing. im gonna be like ash on a windy day. swept away and forgot about. i said quickly

Kimberley nodded slowly. what do i have to do she said in a serious voice.

i smiled seeing that she was focused. become best friends with... her and found out how she feels. i said satisfied.

and the story line Kimberley asked smiling. we got in a huge fight and you need a friend i said shrugging.

when she asked.

now i said walking out the bathroom. while my hand was on the knob i pinched my cheek extra hard to add color

how dare you Kimberley jones! i yelled now in the hallway. i paused for dramatic effect while people gathered around.

Kimberley bust out the bathroom with tears dripping from eyes. it took me a second to realize she had splashed water on her face.

im sorry ok i didn't know how much he meant to you. she said fanning her face. i rolled my eyes and stomped my foot.

he meant the world to me and you know that! i said acting frustrated. i thought of Justin leaving me and tears gathered in my eyes. i did this so people could feel bad for me.

i covered my face with my hands knowing people knew that i didn't like people see me cry. look im sorry that i slept with him. Kimberley said

i threw my hands to my side and balled them up like fist. the crowd was now big enough that people were pushing each other to get to the front.

you slept with him i screeched Kimberley slapped her forehead. i thought you knew she said quietly.

i laughed and pointed at her you can find yourself a new best friend. i held my laugh in as people gasped.

im better off without you any day Kimberley said. i couldn't help it now. i burst in to hysterics. i caught my self quickly and said puh-lease you're nothing without me.

Kimberley ran full speed outside fake sobbing. everyone had their mouths hanging open in a o. soon enough people were asking me a million questions. i stood on my tip-toes and saw Kimberley looking at me. outside i mouthed


outside selena mouthed. i turned around quickly and went outside. i immediately saw chancidy sitting alone under a tree. i sat at a tree straight across from her. i thought of mom who was now dead. i remembered the little things like how her hair us to smell and soon enough i was sobbing.

i felt a hand go around my shoulder and looked up sure enough it was chancidy. well that was easy.


please spread this story im trying to get to 20 likes and favorites. plus message me for co-author.



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