an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


3. school


i woke up screaming as usual... i looked at my clock to see it was 4:57 no way was i going back to sleep just to have the same dream again.

i got up and decided to take a shower. i washed my hair with daffy duck shampoo and stood under the hot water for a while thinking.

i cut the water off and wrapped a towel around my body. i walked into my walk in closet and chose something simple to wear :


i grabbed a pink bow and put it at the top of my ponytail and some pink converse for gym. i looked in the mirror and applied some mascara. i dont really wear make up. i use to but now i dont see a point...

i sighed and went downstairs to fix a bowl of cereal. i was taking my first bite when i heard a knock at the door. i ran to open it. gale stood there. i smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

come on in i said i went back to my cereal. gale and i watched the morning news. when i was done i ran upstairs to wake cidney. she looked peaceful lying there. i shook her slightly and her eyes fluttered open.

get ready for school sweetie i said she just nodded and went to the bathroom.

i went back downstairs and sat beside gale on the couch. i cuddled with him until cidney came downstairs. 

 she wore: 



ready? i asked she nodded. she ran in the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar. i laughed and grabbed both of out book bags and headed to the bus stop.

i barely listened to gale as he talked about school. i saw bella at the bus stop and waved.

she wore:



she waved at us. we chatted quietly catching up on what we did during the break. i heard some one coming up behind us and i saw cidney tense up slightly. i gave her a puzzled look. i looked up to see harry. i laughed under my breath. so this must be the guy cidney writes all over her homework.

before i could say anything the bus came to a stop in fornt of us. i went in and sat beside bella. gale sat in the seat next to us. cidney sat in front of me frowning. after a VERY long bus ride we finally reached school. 

bye cidney good luck!i yelled to her as i got off the bus. her school was 2 blocks away from mine.. i guess she didnt feel like walking.

hopefully i will have a good day to...  but to my luck i didnt




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