an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


16. new guy

gale didn't show up that morning it felt weird just me and cidney. as i made my way to the bus stop i looked for gale but i only to saw bella in her usual place:

heels? i asked suprised

red hair? she asked amused cidney snickered and i glared at her then rolled my eyes. i feel under dressed i said desperate for a change in subjects. i examined cidney's outfit :

 whats the occasion? i asked teasingly,. she blushed deep pink causing me to laugh. she pointed at my outfit and gave a thumbs up as to say i like your outfit:

i shook my head and laughed. a gust of wind caused my hair to fly out of place. only seconds later i felt someone picking at my hair i turned around to see gale twirling a leaf in his hand. i blushed. i hugged him. thanks i said with my head down buried in his jacket. that would've been embarrassing showing up to school with autumn leaves in my hair. i shivered at the thought  


I went in to school looking for my best friend Amanda(mandi). after minutes of searching i felt someone jump on my back. i laughed at her behavior. mandi will be mandi. Amanda is a true beauty. she has emerald green eyes and blonde hair:

once she got of my back i examined her outfit:

i gave her a thumbs up. thanks babe i heard there was a new guy in school. had to look nice she said while scanning her eyes over the crowd. there's another reason i like mandi she knows exactly what im thinking i swear she's telepathic or something. oh and the thing about mandi is she also throws herself at every cute guy in school.

BINGO she shouted causing me to jump. she pointed to the office and i couldn't help but laugh. there the new guy was getting his schedule. 

she dragged me into the office and flashed her award winning smile. i couldn't deny i envied mandi for her beauty and confidence.

hi im Amanda but you can call me mandi. she said while twirling her hair. the new guy looked up from his schedule.  oh im marcus he said smiling. he had a thousand freckles and dark hair:

not my type but definitely Mandy's i thought. oh it looks like we have the same classes! mandi said acting surprised oh and this is cidney my best friend she doesn't um... talk much she added. i rolled my eyes and started walking towards the door.

follow the leader i heard her whisper to marcus. i couldn't help but laugh at the comment. me leader? never. that's something only i could dream of 

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