an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


19. jokes


 that night i dreamed of fire. first it was like hot chocolate on a snow day, then it was like a burn you get for touching the oven while it was still hot. next a minor burn. the kind of burn you get for putting your hand too close to the fire pit. last my whole body was on fire. i started to sweat and the fire got uncomfortable. that's when the screaming started. i woke up drenched in sweat. it took me a few seconds few second to calm down. i went in the bathroom and grabbed a cup and filled it with water from the faucet. i put it up to my lips and with one gulp it was gone. i did this five times before my thirst level got satisfied. then i realized i was shaking. maybe it was from fear or shock either way i couldn't stop.

i took a quick shower and washed my hair. i groaned noticing the dye still didn't come out. as i was picking out my clothes i remembered what Justin said. i was apparently  a girly girl for the day:

  for the first time in a long time a felt.. important and wanted. i woke cidney up and went downstairs to fix a bowl of froot loops. i heard a knock on the door and went to open it. gale stood there with a bunch of roses. i laughed. he does stuff like this when he knows he's being a douche. i accepted them gratefully and put them on the table.

you cold? he asked i noticed that i was still shaking. i drew in a deep breathe prepared to tell him about my dream when i started crying. my knees buckled but before i could fall he caught me. he carried me to the couch ad we stayed there for who knows how long. when the crying stopped the puke came. i made it to the bathroom just in time. he held my hair back until i was finished.

i brushed my teeth twice before going to lay down on the couch. gale played with my hair while i laid down

can i ask you something? he said sounding nervous i nodded my head and sat up.

he cleared his throat. are you pregnant he asked quickly. i don't know why but his question brought me to hysterics. i fell off the couch and rolled on the ground. after like 5 minutes. i wiped the tears from my eyes. thank god i wore waterproof make-up.

why would you think- oh you mean me being emotional and getting "morning sick". no i don't think i am. but i do feel a lot better now. maybe i am pregnant. i stated mysteriously

he glared at me. Chancidy Mariah Williams if you are- he said before  i cut him off. no im not pregnant gale im smarter than that. i said

he breathed a sigh of relief. i gasped and ran for my froot loops. nooo i yelled looking at the soggy mess that was suppose to be my cereal. it almost brought tears to my eyes as i through them away. i heard gale snicker behind me and rolled my eyes. before i could confront him cidney came skipping down stairs looking cheery. she looked especially pretty today.  :

i smiled at her and grabbed her arm. c'mon gale i said opening the door we walked to the bus stop while the wind blew  lightly.

as usual bella was there waiting. she looked pretty too:

red hair she teased i rolled my eyes and gently punched her in the shoulder. you got jokes i said

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