an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


7. happy

after a few hours of pacing i finally worked up the nerve to text him. i grabbed my phone and quickly typed his number 

(c-cidney h-harry)

C: hey its cidney 

H: i was wondering when you were gonna txt me

C: lol didnt think you would be waiting...

H: who wouldn't....

C:lots of people....

H: well i guess im not one of those people

C: .... we get to go to paris you no

H: the city of love......

C: sorry you got picked to go with me. taylor is probably mad

H: lol actually i broke up with her

C: y

H: cuz im in love with someone else

C: oh... i have to go

H: ? ok bye


i sighed.. to think i actually had a chance


i sighed and walked outside.

hey mom i said

hey um tell justin that i have to go on a business trip for a couple of months and no parties she said rushing past me

thats the bad part about my mom. she is never home.i told justin and he smiled.

you no wat this means he said

i shook my head

call everyone you no... we will be known for throwing the party of the year... he said

i smiled i hopped on my bike and headed for cidney's house. i lived like 3 blocks away from her. i dropped my bike in the yard. i knocked on the door and waited patiently.

chancidy opened it.

um hey you're here for cidney? she asked.

i  nodded quickly

she is in her room. its upstairs at the end of the hall

thanks i said i ran up the stairs and knocked on cidneys door.

she opened it. her eyes were red she looked like she had been crying. i scrunched my eyebrows to gether but decided to let it go. 

would you like to come to a party im hosting i said she nodded quickly

well you can invite your sister anyone is invited met me in the garden. i said

she nodded again. i smiled and walked back outside. maybe i could work up the nerve and finally  ask her out. i smiled at the thought..just maybe..



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