an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


35. girls..


you're ridiculous you know that right i mean it's Friday. Justin said for the millionth time. i rolled my eyes and sat up on the couch.

what do you have in mind i said angrily. Justin looked up from his sandwich. well it's Friday. invite a girl over. don't you have a girlfriend? what's her name Taylor-

no i actually broke up with her i said interrupting him. he stared at me for a while before continuing. so you're single he said confused.

i blushed and looked down. well there is this one girl who I've been going out with for a couple of days. I've always liked her though.

what does she look like? he asked the question actually threw me off so it took me a while to grab my phone. i showed him a simple photo i had took of her one afternoon. she looks Familiar Justin said

i raised an eyebrow for him to continue. he just shook his head. have a sleepover or something whatever you young kids do he said heading towards the front door. i have a girl of my own to take care of. he walked out of the front door leaving me to think. after a while i called cidney

(h-harry c-cidney)

h- hey cidney!

c- hey harry

h- what are you doing this weekend?

c- i um.. I'm not shure why?

h- i was wondering if you... wanted to spend the night or something. i mean you don't have to but i was just-

c- like a sleepover?

h- i guess that's what you could call it...

c- I'd love to

h- really?

c- I'll be there in 10 minutes.

(call ended)


i woke up to the doorbell ringing. i looked at the clock to see it was 5 o'clock. i groaned and rolled over on my bed. i counted to ten before getting up. i made my way to the front door slowly. they rang the doorbell again causing me to yell. who is it!? i shouted still no where near the door.

it's Justin chancidy hurry up it's cold someone yelled. i froze causing my foot to miss a stair. i went tumbling down two cases of stairs.

owww i groaned i laid on the floor holding my head. suddenly someone came through the door. i looked up confused.

you should put your key in a better place Justin explained. he looked at me and smirked. you know your even cuter tired and confused.

i blushed crimson and got up. still dizzy from the fall i stumbled. Justin grabbed my arm and picked me up easily.

put me down i grumbled. he carried me upstairs and to my bedroom. hey how did you know which room was mine i asked confused.

he shrugged his shoulders in response. i need to take a shower i said he put me down and waited on my bed while i picked out my clothes:

i took a shower glad that i changed in the bathroom because Justin was in the same position. i sat down beside him and laid my head on his shoulder.

well what now i asked shyly.

it's a surprise he said mysteriously. in one quick motion he was off the bed. he grabbed my arm and once again picked me up. this isn't necessary Justin i said slightly confused. he laughed and carried me down the stairs.

wouldn't want you to fall again he said still laughing. i blushed crimson and resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

when we finally got outside he put me down on the pavement and held my hand. we walked towards his car quietly. i got in on the passenger side and waited for Justin to get in the driver seat.

15 minutes later we arrived at a beautiful park. one i had never seen before. this is beautiful Justin.. but I've never seen it before i said still in awe.

that's because it's private he said smirking.


i sat on the floor throwing a ball at the wall. could a person truly die of boredom? after a couple of minutes i heard the doorbell ring. i didn't bother to answer it knowing my mom would beat me to it


minutes later my mom called me to come downstairs. i slowly made my towards the front door. hey marcus a familiar voice said once i reached the bottom stair. i looked up in surprise. Sylvia?

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