an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


21. date


i sat on the bleachers watching the football team practice. i had purposely missed the bus to meet with justin. now i was just waiting for him to show. i took out my phone to read the message he had sent me for the twentieth time. 

meet me at the bleachers 3:20 

                      - justin

i sighed and looked around for any sign of him. it was now 3:30. i had to laugh. me chancidy williams watching the football team practice.thats something i haven't did in....years. 

did i miss the joke a voice said behind me. i turned around to see justin. you're late i grumbled . he laughed and nodded. yeh well i had to make a reservation. he said for what i asked confused

our date obviously. he said while getting off the bleachers . i froze. no no this isn't a date it's just two friends going somewhere together..right? i said quickly. he chuckled placing his arms around my waist and picking me up. i felt my face heat up and a thousand butterflies erupted in my stomach. if this simple movement did this i wonder what else he could do to me.

if thats the definition of date then yes he said while placing me gently on the ground.  i sighed knowing i couldn't win the argument. he held my hand in his as we walked to the parking lot. i quickly examined his outfit:

 checking me out back there? he asked trying to hide his laughter.

what how did you- i started

well for starters i asked you like a gazillion questions and when i looked back i saw you he said laughing. i blushed crimson and couldn't help joining his laughter 

when we reached his car he opened the passenger door for me. i smiled and got in. the car ride was very...silent. i turned the radio to 106.7. emotions by mariah carey came on. i gasped. i love this song! i yelled. justin turned to me and laughed. well sing it. he said 

the way he said made me want to jump on top of the car and sing.i suppressed the feeling it shook my head.  we arrived at a big restaurant.not too fancy not to...original. it was perfect. we walked in and i couldn't help but act like a 2 year old touching everything i saw.

justin saw me and laughed. a waiter came by and directed us to our seat. i ordered the supreme salad and justin ordered the shrimp platter. while waiting for our food we played i spy and acted like we were 5 again.

i ended up having a...great time


bye chancidy justin yelled as i stepped on my front porch . i watched him drive off and ran inside. i ran up too my room and made a video of me singing emotions. before i could change my mind i sent him the video.










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