an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


2. character description

chancidy williams:

                         use to be head cheer leader captain went out with the hottest boy in school. was popular...loved... until one day it all crashes down. cole her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend Selena...her parents died in a house fire while she was at school. she was 14 at the time. but what no one knew was her sister was still inside...



          was adopted because her mom no longer wanted her. watched her foster parents burn to death in a house fire and became a mute. she lives with her sister chancidy. she is crushing on the cutest boy in 9th grade but how can she tell him if she can't talk??



         one of the closest to a friend chancidy every had. secretly he is in love with her but he knows that they could never be more than friends. she was already broken and she swore never to fall in love.



         chanicdys best friend. shes more of the goth type. she doesn't  no it but she is one of the prettiest girls n school. she is crushing on gale but hes crushing on chancidy and what if chancidy likes him back? she lives with her abusive dad and she cuts herself daily. she just wants to be free.........



       use to be chancidys best friend until she cheated on the only person she ever loved. she regrets it every moment of her life. she know goes out with justin the cutest boy in school. she is head cheer leader and teachers pet. she bullies chancidy...only because she is jealous.............



      is in love with cidney but how can he go out with her if she is mute. and plus he is stuck in a relationship with taylor..... he lives in a mansion. and sometimes he wishes he was just a normal kid.. only if his mom wasn't always going on business trips to help famous artist all the time


       has the perfect life. his mom is always working with famous artist and he is rich.  but there IS one problem. he has to do a dare that could change everything in his life go out with  chancidy Williams... will he fall in an accidental love..??. 



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