an angel who forgot how to fly

let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind


17. boys


 as always i sat in the back of class doodling. this time with my eyes wide open because we have Mr. Braxton the substitute.  i seriously think that guy is mental. after 15 minutes of "listening" i looked to see what i had drawn:

i stared at it for a couple of minutes confused. that house it looked so familiar. aggravated i crumpled it up and put it in my back pocket.

MS. Williams, the answer please Mr. Braxton said. i felt my face flush with embarrassment. i shook my head no. he grumbled something about ignorant kids and continued to teach the lesson.

i quickly flipped to a clean page in my notebook and sloppily began copying down notes. after  45 minutes of pure boredom the lunch bell rang. i walked out of class slowly  and made a quick trip to put my stuff in my locker. after,  i hurried to the lunchroom to meet up with mandi. halfway there i bump into someone and ended up flat on my butt.

we have absolutely got to stop meeting like this my love. harry extended his hand to help me up. about Saturday um that was a total misunderstanding you see she kissed me and i was about to push her away when i saw you. is there anything i can do to make you forgive me? he said

so much for going un noticed. but i have to admit it felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders. before i knew what i was doing i hugged him. surprised by my reaction i let go and walked away. well that was... embarrassing



after the 15 minute wait to get a salad i finally sat down at my regular table. halfway through my salad and gale's talk about politics. i felt something soft hit my head. i turned around and saw a wad of paper on the ground. quickly i picked it up before anyone could notice.  i opened it up under the table.

                  wear something pretty tomorrow

                                               - table 24b

i read it 5 times before seeing who was at table "24b". of course it was the"1 and only" Justin Bieber. what surprised me was that he was alone. he saw me staring and waved me over.

what does he want gale said with his voice full of disgust. i shrugged my shoulders looking confused. i looked over at Justin and once again he waved me over.

ill be back i muttered. i made my way to Justin's table with a thousand eyes watching me. i quickened my pace and sat down. what do you want, Justin. i asked angrily cant say hi to a friend he asked mimicking my tone. i suddenly realized how rude i was being. sorry i just hate being in the "spotlight". i said tiredly. he nodded as if he understood. 

well im taking you out tomorrow so wear something pretty and comfortable to school he said and with that he stood up and left leaving a dumbfounded chancidy alone





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