Seamus and Niall 2

This the second book in the Seamus and Niall series find out about why Seamus dosent talk to Niall
And if you forgot you pronounce it like this ( shay Mus )


5. Talking

Nialls POV

So Sarah an I thought Seamus how to hold the guitar then me and Sarah had a talk. "Why do you think he wanted to learn to play" I said. "We'll maybe he just wanted to learn" she said. "But that's kinda random" I said as I strummed the guitar. "Did you know when you where gone he talked about you a lot". She said as she played a song on her guitar. "He did" I asked " yeah all the time. He asked when you would come home" she said looking at me. " oh" I said."I still want to know why he wants to play the guitar" I said looking at her. " I think I know why. Maybe he just wants to be like you." She said as she left the room.

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