Seamus and Niall 2

This the second book in the Seamus and Niall series find out about why Seamus dosent talk to Niall
And if you forgot you pronounce it like this ( shay Mus )


4. Lessons

Sarah's POV

So we didn't have music night whatever. But Seamus came up to and Niall and I. "Can you guys teach me how to play the guitar." "Sure" me and Niall said. So later that day we took him to get a guitar Niall drove us. We went in the building and he picked a nice black guitar. It was nice and polished. So we went home and we started to show him how to hold the guitar. It took 3 hours but he got it. "We will do more tomorrow" I said. "I wonder why he wanted to learn how to play" Niall asked me. "I don't know" I said looking at him.

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