Seamus and Niall 2

This the second book in the Seamus and Niall series find out about why Seamus dosent talk to Niall
And if you forgot you pronounce it like this ( shay Mus )


6. Interview about my life

Nialls POV

So today I have an interview about my past. And they want to know about the whole Seamus situation. So as I drive there Story Of my Life comes on. I can't help but to sing so I sing. Then I get a call from Sarah

S: Are we teaching Seamus today

N: yes when I get back

S: ok see you later

So then I got there they are nice at the interviews but I'm kinda nervous. About the whole Seamus situation. So they lead me on stage and I sit on the couch. Then they start asking me questions

I: So I want to know is it fun being on the road all the time.

N: Sometimes yes but not all the time time because I miss me family

I: So we heard you have three brothers and one sister what's that like

N: Umm it's really fun you always have something and someone to play with or just to chat with.

I: who is the best at carrying a good conversation.

N: Patrick seems to be able to carry a good conversation with me because he just likes to talk and he learned how to keep the chatting going.

I: So let's get more serious tells about you and Seamus

N: We'll when he was three years of age he stopped talking to me and that's when I went to the X Factor.

I: So he just stopped talking to you.

N: Yeah

I: Do you know why

N: Yes I do he thought that because I left meant that I didn't want him around or that I didn't need him.

I most started to cry but I teared up

I: Awww that's sad

I: Does he talk to you now.

N: Yeah he does because one night I knocked on his door and asked if I could come in and he said no but I walked in anyway and he gave me the biggest hug.

I: So what do you do at home

N: We'll Sarah and I are teaching Seamus how to play guitar and yeah that's it.

I: We'll thank you Niall

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