Melody Malone: Unwritten

It has been seventeen months since the Ponds left, he has met Clara and traveled about space and time but the Doctor just can't get over the couple from Leadworth.


1. The Cemetery

"Did you see his face?" The Doctor keeled over with laughter as he was racing into the TARDIS. "He was all like 'Oh no, not the Cybermen!' Oh, Amy wasn't it hilario-" The Doctor stopped all of the sudden, there was no Amy anymore. "No. I'm not going to let myself get sad about them again. They're gone and they're never coming back; I just have to accept it." The timelord had had his first fun-filled night in forever. "They-they'd want me to move along."

In fact tonight he was going to get closure. He was going to do the last thing he had to do. The Doctor dashed across to the console, spinning dials and hitting buttons. He didn't pay attention to the time; the time didn't matter, just the place. That one place, the last place Manhattan. He shot down the ramp to the doors, but before opening them the timelord stopped suddenly; something was wrong, missing. 

He should have it, especially today. (Really, I mean it was trully cool; he should have it on everyday) But he hadn't been wearing it recently, too many memories maybe. Whether or not they admitted it, the Ponds loved the bowtie (especially Rory, he was jealous because he couldn't pull off a bowtie). The Doctor flew down the steps to the wardrobe and whipped it open, throwing out cloaks, suits, jackets, and pants. He finally saw the box, taking it out and opening it carefully and wrapping it around his neck and tying it. Now he was ready. 

He walked out the doors opening them to the Big Apple. The Doctor walked out, closing them and realizing just where he had landed: the cemetery. He hadn't exactly aimed it just shot for Manhattan in general, the TARDIS had taken him here. She'd been trying to get him here for a long time. "Thanks, sexy." he said winking at the old gal.  

He remembered all of it. It had just happened all so suddenly, especially Rory. One minute he was there and the next he was gone, vanished into thin air (or at least another time period). But Amy, Amy's was worse. With things like that, sometimes you just have to rip the bandage clean off; that's what Rory did: real fast when you weren't expecting it, out of the blue. But Amy, she got he last words, even got that epilogue in River's book and maybe that was worse. Because he didn't get to say goodbye and if goodbye's are one sided, they aren't good at all.

Ahh River's book, he pulled it out of his coat pocket, it had been there since this day, this day seventeen months ago. He opened it up and turned it to the last page, Amy's page. The timelord read it over carefully like he had done all too many times. Then tore it out and put it in his trouser pocket. Taking the book, he walked slowly throughout the stones and statues, pausing only to skim the names and make sure they weren't the ones he was looking for.

Then he spotted them and read the names and dates slowly like he didn't already know what they said. He took the book and tossed it in between the stones. He would always remember them, always, but they wouldn't want him reliving it daily; stuck in this lonely slump. He wasn't being fair to himself, or Clara for that matter. The Doctor left the book and turned walking back though the cemetery toward the TARDIS. "Com along, Ponds." he said for the last time, closing the doors. 

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