I'm Lost

What happens when eight people are stranded on an island, and each day, someone goes missing. But the next they're returned, yet in a way they didn't fully return.


1. I'm lost

Maxs P.O.V.

I walked up to the door, and walked in without knocking. For this was like a second home to me. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by five pair of excited faces.

"MAX!!!" One in particular said.

I giggled as an Irish, blonde, blue eyed boy ran toward me.

"SNOWFLAKE!!" I yelled, and we ran toward each other as they did in the movies.

Once me and Niall got to each other, he quickly picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, laughter spilling from my lips as I was spun around in a circle.

"N..Niall let me.. Me down.." I said as tears from laughter spilled from my eyes.

Niall quickly put me down and looked at me worriedly. He quickly wiped my tears away.

"Love, what's wrong!?" He said, panic evident in his voice.

I shook my head, and stood on my tiptoes, as I was slightly smaller than him, and pecked his lips.

"Nothing you silly leprechaun, I was crying from so much laughter." I said smiling like a fool.

Niall immediately relaxed, and wrapped me in one of his famous Horan hugs. I let out a sigh of relief, I couldn't believe this was real. I had always dreamed of having a boyfriend. But never one as wonderful as Niall.

"MAXXY!!!!" Someone squealed and I looked over and saw an overly excited Zayn bolting toward me.

I laughed as he hugged me tight. After Niall, Zayn was definitely the one who I was closest to.

"Gosh, I've missed you guys so much." I said as Niall wrapped his arm around my waist, and Zayn his arm around my shoulders.

We walked into the living room, where all eyes snapped up to us, I was soon greeted with more yells, and squeals from Louis. I stumbled back, -only staying up thanks to Niall and Zayn- as Louis, Liam, and Harry wrapped me in a group hug. I had missed this. It had been five long months without some of my closest friends, and without the best boyfriend.


Emma's POV~~~~~ I heard my computer "bleep". Its been 6 months, 27 days, 13 hours, and 12- no, 13 minutes since I had seen him. I could still smell his sexy scent left behind on my hoodie. Damn, I thought. This sucks. 2 days, 3 hours, and 9 minutes until I finally get to see Jake again. I run over to my computer.

"Hey babe!" He says in his deepm manly voice.

"Omigod I am flipping out I can't wait to see you!! It has been waayyyy too long." I practically squeeled at my screen. **bleep** "one sec babe, max is beeping in...mind if I join her in here?" I ask.

"Anything for my baby..." he winks.

God he is so sexy. Its really distracting and I hear the 'bleep' again.

"Shit!" I mutter. "Heyyy max!!!" I yell.

"Hey Em!! U ready for the fair tomorrow?" She asks giddy with excitement.

"Hell ya! I miss you guys soo much!!" I squeel.

"Oh! Hey Jake...um, I didn't know u were in this convo!!" She says chuckling.

"Its cool. Sooo how's niall....??" Jake asks.

"Omg I saw him and the rest of the boys yesterday! He's perfect as usual!! Haha," she replies, "The boys were wonderin' if you were still comin...they said you hadn't responded in a while...."

I imagine how excited the boys must have been. Max is perfect. They have always been jealous of Niall for getting her. I wouldn't be suprised if Harry tried to kiss her...again...! The boys practically CRAWL over her. But I understand why. She's absolutely perfect.

"Okay well babe, I should go pack!! I am sooo excited, Jake," I say, "I miss you soo much!!"

He says his usual "I love you so much baby and blows me a kiss.

"Bye max. I'll text you later." I hang up facetime sad, and super excited. Two days. Two days. Two days. That's all that was running through my mind.

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