I'm Lost

What happens when eight people are stranded on an island, and each day, someone goes missing. But the next they're returned, yet in a way they didn't fully return.


2. chapter two

Maxs P.O.V.

I literally jumped in my seat, as the boys and I drove to the airport to pick Ems and Jake up. I heard Harry chuckle behind me, and turned around to shoot daggers at him, and see Zayn, Liam, and Louis holding laughter in as well. I glared at them.

"Shut it. I haven't seen Ems and Jake, like..." I thought for a minute. "For to ducking long." I said sticking my tongue out.

Which in return, they did the same. I laughed and turned forward again, and looked at Niall who was driving. I groaned.

"Are we there yet??" I whined.

Niall just sighed while rolling his eyes.

"We are five seconds closer." I blushed and he laughed at me.

**at the airport**

I practically sprinted toward where Jake and Ems flight was. I started jumping up and down holding my cardboard sign that said "SISTA!!" I gasped slightly as someone poked my side. I whipped around quickly and saw the one and only Ems. I squealed and quickly hugged her.

"You're missing someone aren't you?" I asked laughing, and she turned around pointing behind her.

I practically fell onto the ground laughing as I saw Jake struggling to carry both his and Ems luggage. I felt my heart skip a beat as I saw a blonde head followed by four other heads.

"YO BOYS!!" I shouted getting their attention. Niall popped his head up, and quickly jogged toward us.

He quickly wrapped his arm around my waist and I noticed he was slightly pale. I mentally face palmed as I remembered he was claustrophobic.

"Boys. Help Jake with the luggage. Me, Niall, and Ems are going to the plane."

I said and quickly elbowed our way through the crowd.


Emma's POV~~~~~~~

I stood in my navy blue blazer, biting my nails practically hyperventilating. Shit. There goes my manicure. All I could think about was Jake and Max and the boys. I hadn't seen Jake in 5 months and I couldn't last 2 more seconds! I looked across the airport. Starbucks!! Just what I needed!! I sprinted over and ordered my usual caramel flan latte, and walked back to our meeting place. I glanced down at my phone to check the time. 4:48. Flight at 5:20. They are gonna be here any minute!!! I was too excited to even think straight. Suddenly,I heard luggage clatter to the ground, and I felt his arms around my waist, and he twirled me around and kissed me. Hard. I let out a small moan. I couldn't help myself but giggle.

"Well hello to you too," I chuckled and kissed him before he could speak.

It had been wayyy too long. He pulled out a box of my favorite chocolate covered raspberries and kissed me again. God. I didn't even realize how much I missed him.

"I texted the boys about 10 minutes ago...they should be here any minute" he said still blushing.

Oh, the blushes. I always loved that about him. And his hair. Oh god I missed him so much. I scanned the airport looking for the familiar brownish/black curls. My eyes catch someone waving a sign with bright neon letters I groan as I realized what they said. "SISTA!!" and Max was holding it. I suddenly got an idea, while she was looking the other way I snuck up to her and poked her right under her ribs. Her head snapped my way with a gasp, then her eyes went wide. In a blink of an eye, I was wrapped in a bone crushing hug. I quickly responded, and wrapped my arms around her, just as tight. We stood like that for a good minute or two, then Max pulled away.

"Aren't you missing someone?" Max asked while chuckling.

I rolled my eyes and pointed behind me, I couldn't help but laugh slightly as Max almost falls to the ground with laughter. Suddenly she stops, and gets a dreamy look on her face. I shake my head, knowing she saw Niall. I look around until I see the familiar blonde hair, followed by four other heads. In a minute Niall had his arm around Max's waist, and she looks like she's been slapped.

"Boys. Help Jake with the luggage, Ems, me and Niall are going to the plane." She ordered, then I remembered. Nialls claustrophobic.

We elbow our way through the crowd until we get to the plane.

*on the plane*

"Finally," I say, "I have missed you guys so much..." I was basically screeching by this point.

"We've noticed," harry says grumpy.

"What the hell is wrong with him??" I hissed to Max.

"You know he still likes you, Em." Shit. I had forgotten all about that.

Ever since we became besties in 4th grade, Harry has had a crush on me. But he's been meaner than usual, since me and Jake started dating a few years ago.

"Please take your seats, and fasten your seat belts. We will be taking off shortly. Thank you, and enjoy your flight." A high perky voice was heard over the speaker.

Yet no one moved, everyone remained standing, except for Harry who had sat down awhile ago.

"We should probably listen." Liam says laughing.

We all join in, and start to take our seats. But I'm stopped right before I sit down.

"But one last thing..." Jake said and pulled me closer and kisses me again. "God, I missed you," he says seductively.

"Gee, I haven't noticed." Harry growls and swear under his breath.

Whatever. Harry has always been jealous of everyone, and its odd that he would be jealous of someone like me. Jake glares at Harry for a minute, then takes my face in his hand and slams his lips down on mine. It wasn't our usual sweet, loving kiss. But more of a hard, possessive kiss. Yet I still liked. Oh ya. I definitely liked it.

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