I'm Lost

What happens when eight people are stranded on an island, and each day, someone goes missing. But the next they're returned, yet in a way they didn't fully return.


3. chapter three

Max P.O.V.

I leaned against Nialls shoulder, on the plane, and stared at our intertwined fingers. I chewed on my lip thinking.

"What are ya thinking about love?" Niall asked awakening me from my thoughts.

"Hhmm.. Oh nothing.. Just wondering where we were goin?" I asked looking up into his eyes, practically pleading with my eyes.

I had been dying to know where we were going ever since we boarded the plane. I looked across the aisle to see Ems and Jake thumb wrestling. I laughed slightly and grabbed a napkin, crinkled it into a ball and threw it at Ems head. I laughed as it hit her exactly where I was aiming, and she stopped confused. Allowing Jake to win. He looked at me and gave me a thumbs up, causing us to both crack up laughing. I stared at Ems as she "pouted". I got up and walked over to the seat and sat on her lap, so my legs were on Jake and my butt was on lap, and I wrapped my arms around her neck. I poked her cheeks making her smile.

"Ya know, it takes less muscles to smile then it does to frown." I said winking, and laughed at her shocked expression.

"Get off of me weirdo!" She said pushing me off of her. I laughed as she started swatting me with a pillow.

"Ya know you loovvee me!!!" I yelled and walked over to Zayns seats.

I plopped down onto his seat, putting my legs on his legs.

"Ello Zaynie." I said trying my best British accent. But failing miserably.

Zayn just rolled his eyes, laughing.

"You seriously suck at a British accent." He said, making his accent more noticeable to rub it in my face.

I glared at him, and punched his arm, gently, yet hard enough to leave a slight bruise.

"Oww!! What the heck!" He said frowning, and rubbing his bruising arm.

I glared at him, and crossed my arms over my chest. Then stuck my tongue out.

"Good. You deserved it." I said getting up again and walked over to Louis and Harry's seat.

I sat down so my butt was in Louis' lap, and my legs were on Harry's lap.

"Hey boys. Know where we're going?" I asked and they both nodded, but Made the zipper thing over their mouths.

"Our lips are sealed. Niall swore us to secrecy." Harry said , and I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest.

I glared at them, and got up. I started to walk toward Niall again, but turned around and flipped them off. Causing them to burst into fits of laughter. I plopped down onto the seat.

"You suck." I growled, then put my head phones on.

I groaned as Story of my life, came on.

Emma's POV~~~~~~

I ran up behind Jake and jumped on his back.

"Piggy back ride!!" I yelled giggly.

"Where to, my good lady?" He says trying desperately to amuse me.

"To neverland!" I shouted and he raced me down and plopped me into my plane seat.

"Well-Th, that wa-was fun." I say still catching my breath laughing endlessly.

"Here's some more fun," he says smashing his lips into mine.

We sit there like that until we hear the flight attendant.

"Ahem, ma'am?" We don't hear her. "Excuse me, miss??!" She says irritated.

"Oh, I'm sorry...we got a little carried away there hehe..." I say blushing and giggling.

"Well, may I offer you a refreshment of a sort?" She says, calmed down slightly.

"Oh! Yes, um, I'll have a cherry coke please. Diet." I say still blushing endlessly.

"And for you sir?" She asks. "I'll have a mountain dew please," Jake says handing me mine.

"Well, now where were we?" He asks winking and pulling me closer.

"Um, sorry to interrupt your little airplane-romance, but you are disturbing the other passengers," Harry says rudely.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Then shut your eyes. And your mouth while your at it," I say, "and we are the only passengers freakizoid. Get a life."

I push my earbuds into my ears dozing off into thoughts of Jake and all we are going to do on our trip. I was so excited.

Maxs P.O.V.

I rolled my eyes as Harry started being a jerk to Jake and Ems. I pecked Niall on the lips, quickly and wriggled out of his sleeping grasp. I walked over to Harry and Louis then reached over Louis and pulled Harry up by the wrist. I dragged him to the back of the plane, and pushed him down so he had to sit down.

" well Max, I know I'm attractive and all, but you're with Niall." He said winking.

I glared at him, and crossed my arms over my chest.

"I know you like Ems, but she's with Jake. Get over it, I won't let you ruin this trip." I growled slightly.

Harry chuckled.

"What are ya gonna do?" He taunted and I felt my anger bubble.

"You know very well what I'm capable of." I threatened, remembering when i almost broke his arm.

He winced slightly, rubbing his arm.

"Be good." I said and stalked back over to Niall.

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