Have You Seen This Wizard?

This is the story of Sirius Black's journey to get to Hogwarts after escaping from Azkaban on his quest to reach his godson.


1. Escape From Azkaban

~~He had been patiently waiting for this opportunity for months. After going through the ordeal of not eating for weeks, he thought he was finally thin enough to escape. Escape from this terrible, terrible place. The only thing that had kept him going was his thoughts about the boy. The boy that, soon enough, he would meet again for the first time in 12 long, excruciating years. He only hoped that the boy hadn’t been fed the lies that the public had. If he had…He mustn’t think about that.
Sirius lay, watching silently as the day dragged on. The dementors, those hooded demons that Sirius had come to hate so much, floated by and every time they did, a wave of fear and despair washed over him. But he mustn’t show it. That’s what they want. Instead he continued to lie in waiting for his chance to escape. He glanced around the long passage, barely lit by slowly dying torches. In the glimmer of the light he could see the pale, withered faces of his fellow inmates. Most of them had gone mad long ago. Some were talking to the wall, some were talking with themselves. Most of them were screaming, shrieking, like they were under the cruciatus curse. But Sirius had learned to ignore the screams. You had to if you wanted to last in here. Out of the corner of his eye he could see his cousin, Bellatrix LeStrange. Back in the time of Voldemort she was one of his favourite and most loyal servants. But she was harmless in here. Sirius was surprised that she’d lasted this long.
Hours passed and all Sirius did was sit and wait until finally he made his move. Everything was quite. This was the time when the dementors changed shifts and it was his best chance to escape. Sirius knew that this was his only shot to get out. If he was caught, he would have to suffer the dementor’s kiss. Even thinking about it made his skin crawl and his heart wrench. He stood up and suddenly there was no longer the haggard and battered Sirius Black standing there but a huge, yellow eyed, shaggy black dog, however he was a lot thinner than normal. Silently, Sirius squeezed through the bars of his cell into the long hallway. He bounded as quickly as he could along the passageway down to the long staircase leading to the “back exit” of the prison. This was the only way out of this hellhole that didn’t involve an armed guard. When they thought you were dead, they shovelled you into a coffin and threw you out into the sea. Sirius prowled around in the room full of coffins sticking as close to the shadows trying as hard as he could not to make a sound. He saw two dementors shoving the coffins out into the water. The next part was the tricky part. If he was a man it would be easier,but, if he turned back now he’d alert the dementors and it would all be over. It is much harder for a dementor to sense you if you are an animal so he had to stay in dog form at all costs. Sirius very slowly nudged a coffin gradually open with his mouth and looked inside. The man’s name was Julian McCallister, he wasn’t actually too bad. A great sight better than most of the scum that were in here. Luckily for Sirius, Julian was a fairly small man in both height and stature so he had no real difficulty fitting into the coffin alongside him. He nudged the lid closed with his tail and waited.
He finally he felt the coffin being moved. The stench of his own breath and the slowly rotting corpse next to him was revolting. Sirius could barely stop himself from passing out from the foul odour but he had to keep focused. He had to. He felt the coffin being lifted into the air and then, SPLASH! The coffin made a giant smashing sound as it hit the water as though it was going to shatter. He was outside! For the first time in 12 years he was actually outside the prison! Sirius kicked the lid of the coffin hard but nothing happened. Again and again he desperately tried to break free of this wooden prison. He had to get out; he was running out of air and fast. He kicked and kicked at the wood until he heard a resounding crack. With new found strength at this encouraging sound he made one last giant smash with all 4 of his legs and the lid of the coffin flung open. Sirius was panting extremely heavily and inhaled huge gulps of fresh air into his lungs. But there was not time to rest. He could rest when he was safely away from this terrible place. Sirius rolled out of the coffin into the sea. The water was overwhelmingly icy cold. It felt like every one of his organs was freezing one by one. Desperately he started to paddle to stay afloat but he then realised; which way was the land? He had no idea where the prison was let alone now, after he had been washed out to sea in an unknown direction. Suddenly and glint of sunlight hit his eyes. It felt like his retinas were being scorched. It had been a long time since he had seen a proper sunrise. Like some great yellow beacon the sun slowly rose up into the sky and revealed some blurry dark shapes slightly blocking it which Sirius recognised as mountains.
Sirius paddled and paddled for what felt like miles as he made his way towards those blurry silhouettes against the sun. He had to get there! He had to! The salt water was stinging his eyes, his entire body was numb with cold so he couldn’t feel a thing, he was completely and utterly exhausted but he was nearly there. The mountains got bigger and bigger and were more recognisable. He could see a forest, trees, rocks and finally the beach. Utterly drained of all energy Sirius was washed up on the beach barely able to do anything except draw in just enough air to stop himself from passing out entirely. He lay there for what felt like hours until finally he had enough energy to stand.
“Must reach….Harry…..Potter….”

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