Half A Heart (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Hi Im Mariana Stevens! But everyone calls me Miya. I am Niall Horan's girlfriend I guess we have been dating for 5 months and he has been really weird lately he doesn't come home until 2 in the morning sometimes he doesn't even come home. When he is home he just drinks, tries to avoid me and doesn't bother to look my way. If I try to talk to him he just tells me to go away or just yells at me. Where is my Nialler I fell in love with?

*****Warning: Violence, Abuse, Sex Scenes and cursing is in this Movella*****


3. Leaving and mishaps

Miya's POV

"I never loved you! you stupid slut! I was just using you I can't believe you actually thought I would love a whore like you!", He cackled.

"Niall what did I do!! Please I love you and I know you love me don't say those things! Please Niall!l I love you! tell me what I did wrong and I will fix it!", I begged and cried.

I stepped towards him and tried to give him a hug but instead I got pushed to the ground.

"Don't fucking touch me you idiot!", He yelled angrily.

"Niall please babe I love you! I need you!", I told him while I got back up.

"I Don't Care! what part of I don't love you don't you understand", He said getting angrier.

"Stop you know you're lying Niall you do love me!", I said walking up to him once more.

He slapped me and I fell to the ground. He kept slapping me then it became punching. I felt pain jolting through out my body. I began screaming for him to stop. I shut my eyes. I couldn't move and he was still continuing to beat me up. He finally stopped and I opened my eyes slowly. He was standing there no emotion on his face.

"I told you I didn't love you. No one would love a piece of shit like you!", He said bitterly. Just then he pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. He was about to shoot when I heard my name being called.

"Miya!", someone said. I think it was El.


I jolted up and opened my eyes. It was a dream! just a dream. I let out a sigh and I turned to face a worried eleanor. 

"are you okay?", she asked franticly.

"I'm fine el it was just a bad dream" ,I told her.

" what time is it?", I asked

"Its about 11:30 in the morning", she said.

"Are you hungry Louis made us breakfast?", she asked.

"yeah thanks", I said.

"okay see you in a bit", she said.

I nodded and got up to go to the guest bathroom.

I went and did my business and went to wash my hands. I looked in the mirror to see a huge bruise on my right cheek.  I looked at it careful.

It's still painful and It's a dark shade of purple. I sighed . why would he do this he said he would never hurt me but look what he is doing now. Maybe we just need to break up.

I decided to take a shower and borrow some of el's clothes.

 I walked out after I put some black leggings and a over sized white sweater from forever 21 on.  I began walking to the kitchen and I hear five familiar voices.

When I walked in everyone stopped talking and I heard a bunch of gasps and shocked faces except for el she saw it yesterday and this morning.

"Oh god miya who did this to you!", Lou said.

"Niall", I said quietly.

I could see anger fill all of the boys faces.


I jumped a bit and he notice and gave me a look that said sorry I nodded to reassure him It was okay. 

" He was gone all day yesterday and I tried calling him but he didn't pick up so I waited and he finally showed up at 1 in the morning and I yelled asking him were he had been and he told me it was none of my damn business I then told him it was because he was my boyfriend he then told me he had made a mistake of being my boyfriend so I smacked him then he smacked me back", I explained with tears in my eyes.

"What did I do to make him hate me so much?", I said as I began crying.

everyone gathered and gave me a big hug.

"you did nothing babe he is just being a asshole! It's his fault! he doesn't deserve someone like you", said zayn.

I gave him a hug and said thank you.

"Hey guys?", I said.

"yeah?", they asked.

"Can you help me get all my stuff out of niall's flat today?",I asked.

They all nodded and we decided to go now.


We all are in front of niall's front door.

I had a spare key under the mat so I took it and opened up the door and It looked like nobody was home so me and el headed to the bedroom to get my clothes and stuff while the boys got my other things.

As me and el get to the door we hear something and look at each other.

then we listened closely.

It was moaning! wow the fucking prick already got rid of me!

I barged in to see niall and THE ONE AND ONLY Jessica winters.

The girl who made my life a living hell through out all of my school years.

She and another reason is why I left the US.

They all treated me like shit so I left! and niall knew I hated her and he just so happens to be fucking her in what used to be our bed.

wow can he hurt me any fucking more?!?

"What the hell are you doing here didn't I tell you to fucking leave?", he asked.


I heard the boy's running to niall's room.

me and el began packing my stuff. The boys are standing in the door way all looking at niall with disgust and hatred.

"wow niall you move fast. fucking a slut in what use to be your's and miya's bed how much more of a dick can you be?", spat harry.

You can see hurt and anger in niall's eyes.

"Thanks a lot you stupid bitch now me mates hate me!", He yelled.

He got up and charged at me punching me in the face causing harry to charge at him and start beat the living hell out of him.

Louis and el help me get the rest of my stuff and head out to the car while zayn and liam got harry off of niall. Louis, el and I waited a few minutes and the rest of the boy's came out. We left and went back to Louis and el's in silence.



Hey my little pickles! this chapter I thought sucked but anyway wow niall is a dick? poor Miya! tell me what you thought about this chapter!! and i will try and update soon okay my cute little pickles :D 

Lots Of Love <3



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