Half A Heart (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Hi Im Mariana Stevens! But everyone calls me Miya. I am Niall Horan's girlfriend I guess we have been dating for 5 months and he has been really weird lately he doesn't come home until 2 in the morning sometimes he doesn't even come home. When he is home he just drinks, tries to avoid me and doesn't bother to look my way. If I try to talk to him he just tells me to go away or just yells at me. Where is my Nialler I fell in love with?

*****Warning: Violence, Abuse, Sex Scenes and cursing is in this Movella*****


11. I Don't Know..

Miya's P.O.V

It's been about 5 hours since I ran out on everyone. I had about 80 calls and 200 text messages from everyone, they were all asking where I was and tell me they were sorry. I shut my phone off not bothering to reply. It's pretty dark out now, but it's calming with no one around. I was swinging at a little park I had first discovered when I came to London. It was cute, it kinda reminded me of the one back home that my mom use to take me to when I was little. I slowed down a bit feeling the tears stinging the back of my eyes. I blinked rapidly and I let out a sigh. I looked up at the stars. I smiled a bit, but then it was replaced immediately with a frown. My hot tears escaping my eyes and loud sobs following along. I was shaking and it seemed like I couldn't stop. I just missed her so much! It's been 5 years... 5 fucking years without her! She was the only person who was always there for me she was the friend I needed when I had none. She was my everything and then she was just gone. L-L-Like she never even was there and it hurts like hell! I remember that damned day like it just happened and I hate that.


It was October 10. I had just turned 15! I had just gotten out of my hell hole of a school. It wasn't the best day I had stupid Jessica and her friends had decided it would be funny to start a big scene.. I had went to my locker and got my things together because we had a two week break because of some convention or something teachers had. Anyway I was finishing up when Jessica came up and slammed my locker shut causing me to drop everything and jump. I turned around a yelled at her asking her what her problem was.

"You obviously! You idiot!", she sneered punching my locker making me flinch.

"Why? Why am I such a problem to you Jessica I haven't done anything to you! I've never talked to you or tried to start anything with you! So how am I the problem!", I questioned trying to not cry. I know I know wow really? You're really going to cry over this? Yes because I've been experiencing this for 10 years now and I ask her the same question everytime just hoping to get a real answer.

She laughed along with her other friends. I looked down at my feet , but as soon as I do that next thing I know I'm on the ground gasping for air. She punched me in my stomach. I looked up to see her foot coming and aiming at my stomach causing me to lose all air from my lungs. I couldn't breath all I though was I am going to die. She had her friends pick me up and hold me up against the locker. I felt her fist connect with my eye and my cheek and my mouth. They dropped me to the ground. I couldn't move I was still gasping for air and I felt like I could pass out any second. I heard Jessica laughing with everyone else. No one was helping. Why? Only God knows.

"Next time bitch look at me and not at the fucking ground!", she spat and walked off along withheld friends and everyone else.

I lied there and I finally realized how fucking pathetic I was. I sobbed and sobbed. I eventually got up and picked up my stuff and walked home. I had made it inside the house at 3 which is the time my mom should be coming home. I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror I could see the already forming bruises on my face. I closed the door and locked it sliding down and pulling my knees up. I stared at the wall and then I just broke down. Why does she hate me so much? Why'd no one help me? Why is the world so fucking cruel!? I just kept asking the same questions over and over again. I then started coming up with answers to my questions.. I was stupid! Ugly! Fat! No one likes me because I'm s fucking loser that's why these things have happened! I began throwing things. Pulling my hair. Scratching myself. Hitting myself. I just couldn't take it. I started rummaging through the cabinets and drawers looking for my relief, my getaway. I found it. It was cold, shiny and sharp. I hadn't used it in awhile and I missed the way it made me feel. I sat down and put my arm infront of me and began releasing all my problems and worries. I cleaned up a few moments after and went to my room. I checked my phone to see it was nearly 6. I changed my clothes for some purple Galaxy leggings and a black sweatshirt with a sad face on it I put on some black socks and went downstairs. It was quiet. Way to quiet. I looked in the living room nothing not even the t.v is on. I then checked the kitchen and nothing either. I looked outside for her car and it wasn't here. I was beginning to get worried and anxious. I called her but it went to voice mail immediately which mad me even more worried because she had her phone on all the time no matter what! I began pacing and just thought her phone died or she is in a meeting or something! That's until I heard a knock at the door and I could see the flashing light of blue, red and white. My heart was pounding and I knew what had happened it was just like in the movies. I began crying for the hundredth time today as I drag myself to the door and opened it. There stood a police officer with a sympathetic look on his face.

"Are you miss. Mariana Stevens?", he asked with a frown.

I nodded slowly. I felt like my heart was about to burst. He then said what would change my life for ever.

" I'm terribly sorry miss but your mother is dead", he said just above a whisper.

My heart shattered in a million pieces and the tears just came rushing out faster and faster. I couldn't breath. It felt like my whole entire world just came crashing down I fell to the ground and curled up in a ball. The police officer quickly came to my aid and picked me up placing me on the couch. He began telling me to calm down and breath. How was I supposed to calm down and breath when my fucking mom just died! I began sobbing much worse and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was beginning to have a anxiety attack. The man called for back up and next thing I know I had blacked out. I woke up in the hospital. The doctor told me that I had severe depression and anxiety so he gave me some prescriptions and told me I had a visitor. My uncle jace my moms brother walked in and it had surprised me because I haven't seen him in 6 years reason being he moved to London.

"Miya I got to talk to you and I'm really sorry about it I love you to death you know that right! You're my favorite niece alright!", he said with a small smile.

I laughed a bit.

"uncle jace I'm your only niece!", I said.

"Right that's why you're going to come live with me in London!", he said with a grin.

I froze. Wait what! We sat in silence. I finally spoke up.

"Okay because I have no other choice but I want to ask you a favor, is that alright", I said.

He nodded slowly.

"Can I be homeschooled please! I don't want to start over with different people that probably will never like me uncle jace I'm tired of getting picked on just please!", I cried.

He walked over to me and hugged me tightly.

"Of course Hun, it's perfectly fine we can find a teacher!", he said.

" thank you uncle jace, I love you", I smiled a bit.

" I love you too Miya", he grinned giving me a kiss on the forehead.

" uncle jace?", I said quietly.

"Yeah Miya", he answered.

"What about mom?", I said shakily.

I felt tears threating to fall.

He told me that we could get her buried in London if I wanted to, I told him that would be fine. He then explained to me that he had everything getting packed up at the house to be sent to London. I nodded he then proceeded to tell me we had a flight in a few hours to London after I was discharged which would be in a few moments. I sighed changing back into the cloths from the night before. Happy birthday to me I guess..

**end of flashback**

I sighed at the memory God was that the worts birthday ever! I got up and wiped my tears and turned back on my phone it was almost midnight. I walked to my car and began making my way back to Lou and el's. God what am I going to do! I wish my mom was here to help me with this whole Niall situation! Because I don't know what to do cause I think I still love Niall but I have feelings for Harry! I Don't know why life so fucking hard!

Authors note PLEASE READ!!:

Hey guys so I know this chapter is kinda sucky but it's really sad! Poor Miya! Oh and btw I changed it up I forget the whole she hates her mom! Her dad left when she was younger and yeah! But comment what you think and hariana or nariana? Also if you have diffrent ship names don't be afraid to comment them!

Lots of love!


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