Half A Heart (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Hi Im Mariana Stevens! But everyone calls me Miya. I am Niall Horan's girlfriend I guess we have been dating for 5 months and he has been really weird lately he doesn't come home until 2 in the morning sometimes he doesn't even come home. When he is home he just drinks, tries to avoid me and doesn't bother to look my way. If I try to talk to him he just tells me to go away or just yells at me. Where is my Nialler I fell in love with?

*****Warning: Violence, Abuse, Sex Scenes and cursing is in this Movella*****


5. Crazy dream and Girls night

Miya's POV

The boy's all went to harry's so El and I could have a girls night tonight. 

"Hey El?",I said 

"Yeah hun?", she asked while looking at me.

" Can I tell you something?",I asked.

" Of course Miya you can tell me anything", she said while smiling.

"Well harry came and visited me after we got back from niall's and I asked him what I did wrong and he said I didn't do anything and it's niall's fault and he told me I was beautiful and said all these nice things to me and he said he would take me to see houses and...and I think I might like harry el", I said while gasping for air after i finished.

She squealed and started jumping up and down.

"OMG!!!!!! MIYA!!!!! this great You guys are going to be so cute together and then you will get married and have cute little harry and miya babies!! MAHABHARATAHAHHAH!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING !", she squealed even more.

" El I don't think I should be thinking about a relationship yet I think I still might love niall maybe he will change", I said softly.

" And I don't know if I can trust harry what if he starts acting like niall? He probably doesn't even like me El I can't.. I don't want to get hurt maybe this is just a phase or something I can't keep getting fucking hurt it hurts to bad el I can't I'm so confused I don't know whats going on with me", I continued as a tear fell.

"babe it's okay you need to just think about it and when you're ready to decide what you wanna do go for it, Miya I love you like a sister you know that I hate seeing you like this, Just promise me to just forget about it tonight and have a girls night with meahh!!", she said.

I chuckled at the last part and nodded. we watched some chick flicks and did makeovers and it is now about half past midnight. we decided to go to bed. I headed to bed and changed in to some spongebob pajama shorts ( hey don't judge!) and a black tank top and crawled into bed. I sat there thinking about what it would be like to just get away from everything and everyone. I let the darkness consume me.

~***** MIYA'S A DREAM *****~

I was in a house and it was beautiful I decided to explore it. I was walking up the steps and I stop at a door and I opened it up and It was breath taking. It had a beautiful creme colored paint on the walls. A huge flat screen right in the middle of the wall and in the center of the room a canopy bed. I was still admiring the gorgeous room when I heard the front door close.

" Babe I'm home", said a familiar voice.

I then heard footsteps coming towards the room.The door opened and in came HARRY!?! 

"WOW! you look sexy!", he smirked

" did you do that just for me?", He said while licking his lips.

I looked down and saw I was wearing a white lace bra and a thong? WHAT THE HELL!! I did not remember putting this on. He started coming towards me and began kissing me passionately. He then moved to my neck nibbling and biting until I gasped and I felt him smirk. He started biting and sucking on the same spot probably forming a hickey. I moaned softly. He moved to my ear and nibbled on my lobe and whispered seductively.

"I'm going to make you feel so good that you will be screaming my name all night long and begging me for more."

He then wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing me with even more force and he gently put me on the bed and continued to kiss me. He moved down to my chest and kissed both of my breasts and continued down my stomach and to my waist. I felt his tongue brush across my sensitive spot and I gasped I looked down to see a smirking harry. he began to take of his shirt and pants until he was left in only his boxers. DAMN he was so toned and oh god his v-line I knew I wanted him right then. I got up and then pushed him down on the bed straddling him and began kissing him and tugging on his hair. I heard him moan which made me want him so much more. I went down and kissed his v-line and then I put my fingers on his waistband and looked at him to see if it was okay. He nodded and I took off his boxers to be met with his large member. I looked at him innocently and he looked like he was going to lose it.

" God you now how turned on I get when your doing something like this and you look so damn innocent", He said.

I smiled and took his member in my hand and began moving slowly up and down. i heard him moaning and I enjoyed it I squeezed a little harder and moved faster. his moans began to get louder and it made me feel more excited. I took his member and put it in my mouth and began sucking. He pushed his head back into a pillow and started moaning.

"fuck miya!", he said shakily.

He then stopped me and told me it was my turn. he took of my bra and began sucking on my breast making me moan. he then moved down to my stomach then to my waist. he removed my underwear and began sucking and licking my sensitive spot and my entrance. he continued and I was beginning to moan his name and I felt pleasure shooting in my body. He stopped and kissed my lips. He positioned himself inside me and waited until I was adjusted. He started thrusting slowly in and out of me. Moans and groans began filling the room. He picked up the pace and started thrusting faster.

"harry oh god!", I moaned loudly.

"Oh fuck miya!", he said loudly.

" Faster harry", I said shakily.

He went faster and I could feel my climax coming and i knew he was close too.

"HARRY!", I screamed.

"I-I-I'm c-close", I stuttered to him.

"hold on",He said panting.

I was about to let go.

" h-h-harry I can't hold on any long-ger", I said panting.

"Okay ready", he asked breathlessly.

I nodded.

"NOW!", he yelled and we both released and fell on the bed both of us panting.

what the hell just happend!

~****** DREAM ENDED******~

I jolted up out of bed.



~******** AUTHOR'S NOTE**********~

OH um wow that was um wow miya crazy dream huh? Awkward!

Anyway! miya Are you still confused??? I KNOW I AM i'm confused on why you might still love mr.horan?? but I get why you might not want to be with styles but its okay we will find out in the next few chappies now won't we :D Hope you enjoyed this sucky chapter but hopefully you didn't enjoy it to much ya nastys!! JK JK don't leave me!......... ANY WHO I WILL TRY AND UPDATE TWICE TOMORROW!! maybe 3 who knows? will the world ever know? IDK! OKAY BYE! HEEHEE



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