Half A Heart (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Hi Im Mariana Stevens! But everyone calls me Miya. I am Niall Horan's girlfriend I guess we have been dating for 5 months and he has been really weird lately he doesn't come home until 2 in the morning sometimes he doesn't even come home. When he is home he just drinks, tries to avoid me and doesn't bother to look my way. If I try to talk to him he just tells me to go away or just yells at me. Where is my Nialler I fell in love with?

*****Warning: Violence, Abuse, Sex Scenes and cursing is in this Movella*****


8. Author's Note!!!! ******IMPORTANT*****

Hey guy's I just wanted to say That i won't be updating for a while!! I'm so so so sorry my laptop isn't working and I'm using my mom's iPad to write this (she doesn't like me using her iPad so she don't know I'm using it right now heehee :)) any way Please don't unlike or un favorite I WILL find a way to update my lovelies!!!!



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