The hourglass

Emmas Best friend dies in an acident, yet he saves her when She's in danger.


1. prologue.


The first time I met Ryne, I was about ten years old, the year was 2006 .

I was walking down the street, my dad had sendt me to the store after milk and egg's. "Blue, come here, Blue, get back here" I heard a man yell at his dog, it was running away from him, but he did'ten look like he knew where it was.

I walked over to the man, "Do you need help" I asked and looked at his face, he was about seventeen, he had some black sunglasses on, he was probeply blind.

"No, is just my dog, she ran away, and now I have to walk home by my instinkt" he said with a smile.

"If you whant I can walk you home, I just need the adress" I said. "No I can come home myself, I'm sure you have other things to do" he said.

"I do, but my father Will understand, he always told me to help people, Just tell me the adress then I take you there" I said and took his arm.

"Woaw, is everybody so Nice in this town?" He asked when he had given me the adress.

"No, most people are angry, and stresst in this place, but my father say's that if, I'm not Nice to people, ther not nice to me" I said and helped him down the stairs to the metro.

"Your father seems like he, is a really Nice and smart man" he said. "Jear, he is the bedst father in the world" i said and smiled wide.

"I'm Ryne, by the way" he said when we went in to the metro, "I'm Emma" i said.

"Would you like me to try to find your dog?" I asked. "No, she always run home, when she get confused ore angry, she will come around" Ryne said.

I helped Ryne home a lot of time, and he became my bedst friend. My dad liked him and he became a part of the family.

Ryne died a couble of years later in a car crash. A man was driven home drunke, one night. I was walking with Ryne, and when the car was about to hit me, Ryne pushed me away and got hit himself, he died on the spot and the man just drove away, it was a hit and run.

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