The hourglass

Emmas Best friend dies in an acident, yet he saves her when She's in danger.


2. chapter 1

Chapter 1...

"Dad, I'm going for a walk, with Blue" I called op the staircase. "Sure Hony, would you also buy some flowers and put them on Rynes grave" he ask, "Sure, I will" i whispered.

It was three years since Ryne died and nobody's was all trilled about him being barid in the town cemetary, not even the grave keeper would take Care of it, it was always me, who would make it look nice. It was a hard job, because all the kids, would draw grafitti on the stone.

The old people would tell bad jokes about the blind fool, who died trying to save the Freak kid, about the blind man that thought he could move to the town and be exepted and loved.

I wore his death like a battle wound, when people looked at me in discust, all i could ever feel was the pain I felt, when Ryne pushed me away from the car and got hit, when he did'ten move, no matter how much I traid to wake him up.

Blue and I walked down to the store and looked for flowers, I ignored the look the man behind the desk sendt me, but could not help but feel a stik of pain go through my heart when I found the flowers, that Ryne used to descripe for me, the only thing he had missed to look at.

Tears ran down my cheeks as i took it up and whent over to pay for it.

"If i sell you thise flowers, will you then get the hell out of my shop" the man asked angry. "Look at it this way, I don't want to be here, but I would not be here if i did'ten have a choice! " I yelled.

"Then leave, and don't come back your freak" he said, i put my Money on the desktop, took the flowers and left the shop with Blue.

"What a Freak" all the people I passed by whispered, some boys from my School throught stones at me and Blue, while they shouted things at me.

Blue snerreld, and barkt at the boys, "shit, get controlle of your dog freak!" One of the boys yelled.

"Why should I, she is only mad because you through stones at her" I laught. "Your ill, your fucking crazy" thay said and ran off. "Come on Blue, don't let them get you mad, thay just don't see the beauty of you" I said.

Blue was endeid beautiful, she was a black slaide dog with tropic Blue eyes. I gave her a quick kiss on her forhead and set course for the cemetary.

Like always it was a mess, and it took me about an hour to get it fixed. When I was don, I just sat ther, starring at the stone and the writing on it.

Ryne Jacop.


A friend.

That was all the stonemaker would write in the stone, I even gave him a list with the things that should have ben written on it, he did'ten even Care to Write Ryne's full name, Ryne Jacop gray.

I was crying without even knowing it, and it did hurt like hell. I stod up and began to walk, but Blue would not follow, "come on Blue, we have to get home before it get's dark" I said and pulled in the lish, she just sat there, looking in to the shadows.

At first I did not see anything, then the silloette of a man appeird, then his face became clear, he had a scary scar across his face and eyes so Blue that they almost where white. I screamt and ran across the cemetary, pulling Blue with me.

I heard him let out a worriers rarh before he set after me. I ran and ran until i could not run any longer, then I hide behind a big dumpster in the allie.

I could here footsteps in front of the dumpster and Blue tryid to get out to it, she tryid and tryid and then I could not hold on to her.

"Blue!" I yelled and follow her.

When I was on the other side, I saw a man kneeling in front of Blue, Pet, and kiss her like they were old friends.

"Oh Blue i've missed you too" he said. I was about to faint, it was Rynes voice, his rustie, beautiful voice.

"Ryne?", I asked muddy, he froze for a moment, and then he looked up. I let out a little scream when i saw his face.

His eyes was no longer covert with sunglasses, instedt thay where glowing in imposeble but beautiful green collours.

"Emma" he said, and tears came up in his eyes, "my god, it's really you, I can see you" he sobbed, he came over and put his arms around me, I did not move.

"My little Emma, oh I've missed you so much, I will never leve you again" he sobbed.

"Thank you" i whispered. "What" he said, "I did never thank you for saving my life, for pushing me away from the car" I began to cry to.

"My Emma, I would not chance my actions, not even if I could" he whispered in my ear.

The worrier rarh sounded in the distance, "We have to go" Isaid, "Year that's why I came, i have to get you someplace, where clowe and his men can't get you" Ryne said and pulled me away from the allie

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