Demi's Daughter

I was adopted by Demi Lovato. Everything was too good to be true. Then Wilmer came in the scene, everything went from good to awful


4. The Aftermath

"Will she be okay" I asked trying not to cry but the tears just leaked out my eyes. Dallas came over to try and comfort me but it wasn't much help I just wanted to know that Demi was okay.

"We can't be sure, but she is still breathing which is a good sign." The doctor said. I looked down at Demi. She lay there motionless with an oxygen mask on. Madison was crying too. A few minutes later we had arrived at the hospital. Some how the paps had beat us to the hospital. Hundreds of them were swarming around the car. But we had to get out to save Demi's life. The nurse opener the door and I pushed my way through the crowd. I could hear thousands of voices shouting at me but I just kept my head down and luckily got inside the building. The security guards pushed the paps out of the way so Demi could get through. She was now in the hospital too but what if it was too late...

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