Demi's Daughter

I was adopted by Demi Lovato. Everything was too good to be true. Then Wilmer came in the scene, everything went from good to awful


3. Settling into Life

It was hard settling into to a new life but Demi helped a lot. She read me a bed time story every night. I met her sisters Madison and Dallas they were so kind and funny. They reminded me of Demi

"Do they have a McDonalds in Africa?" Madison asked.

"A what?" I asked I had never heard of McDonalds.

"Oh my goodness, you have never had a McDonald's before!!" Exclaimed Dallas

"We need to take her to a McDonalds soon!"

"Why don't we go right now?" Demi said. We all agreed. So we all got inside Demi's massive black car. The seats were leather. I was so happy everything was perfect.


the car hit into a lamp post. The big white airbags puffed up. We were all so shocked. People and Paparazzi surrounded us. Dallas phoned the ambulance and police. Demi was unconscious I climbed over the seat to check Demi was breathing lucky she was. She had a massive cut on her head. I saw people coming closer to the windows. I ducked behind the door. Demi hadn't told the press that she adopted me. She was planned to publicly announce it on the Ellen Degeneres Show. The police and paramedics arrived within minutes. They cut open the door so that me, Dallas and Madison could all get out (we were all in floods of tears). They lifted Demi out into a stretcher all I could see was flashing white lights. I could hear lots of people screaming. I stepped into the Ambulance but the paramedics pushed me out.

"Only family in the ambulance dear"

"I am family, I'm Demi's Daughter"

The crowd gasped.

The word was out I was Demi Lovato's Adoptive Daughter.

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