One Direction Imagines

I make One Direction imagines


3. break up... and make up

"Liam get out." You stay sternly to your newly, ex-boyfriend with your backed turned to him.

He's in your apartment. It's your choice who goes in here and it doesn't matter if he used to live here too.

You were dating for about 2 years until you found him kissing another girl.

That happened 9 days ago. He a been chasing you ever since, trying to explain. You won't let him though.

"Babe, please." You could tell he's ok the verge of crying. He's always been very, very emotional. Especially when it comes to you leaving him.

"Don't call me that," you say, "I said get out."

"Look at me y/n."


That's when you hear footsteps behind you and hands grab your waist. Your breathe quickens and goosebumps raise on your skin.

A chin rests on your shoulder and you contemplate on moving or not.

You move quickly and lay against the wall.

All You do is stare at him. Not with a smile, not with hatred. You stare at him emotionless, waiting for him to say something. When he doesn't, you raise an eyebrow.

He sighs,"y/n please. Forgive me. It wasn't even me who kissed her. She kissed me! I swear in my life!"

You look away and bite your cheek to hide your smile.

"I'm sorry for what it looked like." He's on his knees in front of you. "Please, let be make if up to you. I love you."

"Get up." You tell him and he obliges with sadness in his eyes.

Liam looks at you, pleading with his eyes.

You rolls your eyes. "I love you idiot." You say right before you grab his face between your hands and kiss him passionately.

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