Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


18. What we want



Sandra came to the school and the first thing she did was to walk straight across the yard and up to me. She kissed me right in front of everyone and then she smiled at me. 
"Now you can't turn back." 
I had so often dreamed about this and I've had so many times fantasized about that it would really happen. Now when it happened, I was just embarrassed. 
"I know!"
I took her hand and for the first time in my life I had someone to care about. We went into the school and didn't care about anyone else. Sandra even changed her place in the classroom and sat beside me. Everyone looked at us, but no one said anything.


At recess, she pulled me into the toilet and closed the door. She pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me intensely. I felt her arms around my body and I felt how she pressed herself against me. 
"Not here!" I mumbled, but Sandra didn't care. She pulled me down, sitting on the floor and straddled my waist. 
"Come on. I've missed your body." she murmured, and I felt how she unzipped my pants. She had, as usual, no panties and quickly, she did that I penetrate. 
"But!" I mumbled and heard voices outside the door. She didn't care and started riding me. I couldn't resist her, but was surprised. Was I just a sex toy for her? I could feel her breathing on my cheek and I felt she brought the body faster up and down. She made me whimper and I held her tightly around the body. It was as if she didn't care. I felt myself filled her and finally I came. I bit my lip and pushed her down over my cock. She smiled and she knew I was finished. I was breathing fast and just looked at her. 
"Why now?" 
She kissed me and let her hands caress my face. 
"I want you to have a good time sometimes." 
I swallowed. 
"We continue to do that at home?" 
She grinned but realized that I was serious. 
"Okay!" she said, still amused. "But sometimes it's fun with excitement."





Why couldn't Niall drop on the rules sometimes. I thought he'd be happy that I wanted him, but instead he seemed shocked. I assumed he wasn't used to girls who took the command over the guy, but he should understand that I meant well? Maybe I was more free in my thoughts than him? Maybe he was more down to earth and didn't want to go the whole way and test new things. But why did he choose me then? I had promised that I wouldn't partying, but then we had to do something else. The only thing I came up with was to have sex in different places.


"Sorry!" I whispered to Niall when we went to his house. "I just wanted to try." 
He looked at me with a blank eyes and didn't seemed to  like what had happened. 
"Why do you want me as a boyfriend?" 
I stopped him and just stared at him. 
"Niall, I love you. Isn't that a good reason?" 
He smiled weakly and blushed slightly. He looked down at the ground and seemed to ponder. 
"But the only thing you seem to want to do, is having sex?" 
I swallowed and understood him. 
"I thought you wanted the same thing?" 
He looked at me and didn't answer the question. Instead, he pulled me towards his house and he didn't let go of my hand.


Niall took out school books and sat down on his bed. 
"We have a sample soon." 
I put myself next to him and sighed. I hadn't studied for years and I had no idea what he was talking about. 
Niall smiled at me and put the book in my lap. 
"We do this and I will help you get better grades?" 
I took a deep breath and looked down at the book. I looked at the letters and I realized that I should obey him. 
"How do I do then?" 
He laughed and pointed to the text. 
"Read out loud so we do it together. It's just history and nothing else."


I was surprised. I had no idea about what I read and everything was new to me. We did the math and he showed me how I could figure out the numbers. When I finally did it, I realized that I had really missed much. I was happy when I was able to sit on my own and get the numbers to work. Niall smiled at me and gave me a hug. 
"I knew there was a genius in there." 
I just smiled at him and put down the pen. 
"I've missed a lot of school?" 
He nodded. 
"I guess you recently haven't even listened to the teacher?" 
I blushed and looked down at my hands. The truth was that I had planned my life in school. I hadn't given much thought to that I would learn things, but no one had seen my duplicity.

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