Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


12. We know



Mom met me and looked at me with a puzzled look. 
"Who's Sandra?" 
I smiled and blushed in the hall. I threw off my jacket and still I could feel her fragrance in my nose. 
"A girl!" 
Mom laughed a little bit and was holding her arms crossed. 
I shook my head, because it was the truth. 
"Not yet!"


I don't know what happened to me, but I became bolder. I chose to stay away from Sandra and I chose not to ruin anything between us. Still, I was more tough in school and immediately noticed Louis the difference. 
"So who is she?" 
I showed no emotion and I gave him a blank face. 
Louis smiled weakly and seemed unsure. 
"The only time a guy like you alter, is when a girl turns up. So who is she?" 
I shook my head. 
"No she in my life and I'm just tired of being my old self."
Harry didn't seem as suspicious as Louis, because I still was watching Sandra, as I had always done. 
"Leave him alone Lou!" he got out. "Niall has the same right as you to change the style and why must it always be the girls in the picture?" 
I was glad that Harry was standing at my side. I didn't want to be forced to tell the truth and I didn't think they would ever know anything about Sandra.
"It is yet hitch!" muttered Louis. "Liam has started to talk to him and he has changed his whole way of being." 
I sighed slightly and adjusted my leather jacket. 
Louis looked at me quickly and then went to the classroom. 
"That's weird!"


Sandra sat where she always sat and she was talking to the others. I saw how she occasionally glanced towards my direction and she smiled weakly when she saw me. I felt that my whole body tingled and I could do nothing but smile. She was so beautiful and her whole body was everything that I wanted. 
"You stare!" Harry whispered to me and smiled weakly. "You never give up? She's not interested in you." 
I didn't answer. I knew the truth, and I knew that one day she would dare to show emotions openly to everyone else. I saw before me how she got into the school, went straight up to me and kissed me. Everyone would flinch but they would understand that it was we who were a perfect couple.





Charlie had cooked his car, and directly would all go for a ride. I sat in the back seat in Jeff's lap and smiled at the other. 
"So where are we going?" 
Jeff laughed and hugged me. 
"Who cares?" 
Charlie gassed off and we flew along the road. I was a little scared at how fast we were travelling forward, but everyone else just laughed. 
"Damn, this is life!" Charlie screamed and he ran quickly into the turns. It wasn't long before the police were after us and I felt Jeff flexed his entire body. 
"Come on and be no wimp. You can run the hell away from them." 
I looked out the window and noticed that there were two policemen after us. I couldn't bother me and I wasn't afraid, but it felt like it was taken from a movie. It wasn't fair and I swallowed. 
"Maybe we should stop?" 
Carlie laughed direct and stepped on the gas. 
"You're a fucking pussy. When the police chase us must we run away from them. That's the whole point of a hunt."


Okay, I understood why the guys thought it was fun, but myself, I felt that they were only childish. I realized that I was changing. It wasn't fun anymore to live outside all laws and it wasn't fun to break them either. I saw at Jeff that he loved every second as the hunt went on and it got me to understand. Jeff and I were growing apart. He was fond of living a different life, to what I wanted.


I don't know what happened. The next second it seemed as the car was spinning around. I felt my body was pressed against the roof and I heard it crashed into something. Then everything went black.

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