Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


5. Uninvited guest



It was enough to get out of the car, I realized that maybe I should have stayed home. The music was high both in and outside the cabin. Everywhere where half affected the people I saw that many of the girls were almost naked. I hardly dared to go against the house, prompting Liam to laugh at me. 
"I told you you shouldn't have come here?" 
Perrie agreed and took her arm around my shoulder. 
"I can ask someone to drive you home?" 
Direct I changed my mind. I wanted to stay and I didn't want to be a wimp. I wore clothes that fit and Liam had lent me a leather jacket. I felt more mature than ever and I didn't want to let some people spoil me away. I gave them a dirty look and shook my head. Nevertheless, it wasn't helped when Eleanor appeared.
"What the hell is he doing here?" she got out and looked questioningly at Liam and Perrie. I realized that I wasn't wanted and that Eleanor hadn't a high opinion about me.
"He hung out with me..." Liam got out, and he noted that I was scared. "Niall's my friend and sometime he can get to come along?"
Eleanor didn't believe him.
"Niall isn't a fucking friend to you!"
Liam took his arm around my shoulders and pulled me toward the house.
"Well, now he's now!""
I was glad he stood up for me and he seemed to at least understand my reason to get there. He pulled me against a wall and then stood in front of me. He held both hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes.
"This how we do it!"" he said firmly. "You stay until tomorrow and I'll pay you a cab home. You can do the night in this place and I promise I will not tell a single person that you chose to leave us?"
I frowned , but he didn't give up.
"There are drugs here Niall and other things that you shouldn't know about. If the Police come to the door, you will run out into the woods and run until you find help, so that you get home. Okay?"
I had no choice and I chose to nod. Liam smiled weakly and eyed my clothes and my hair. 
"Don't drink too much alcohol and don't have sex with every girl who sets up." 

I realized it was tougher to be at the cottage than in school. I nod uncertainly and tried to show myself tough. 
"So what happens now?" I got out of me. Liam laughed direct and released me. 
"Come along!" he got out and walked ahead of me to the back of the yard. He took out two beers and gave one jar to me. "Partying and having fun. Here there are no rules, and here you get to be free. Just try to relax."


I saw pretty soon Sandra and she was talking to a couple other guys. She was lightly dressed with a simple short dress that almost showed her panties. I saw that she was in a good mood and she swung her hair. I enjoyed the sight and felt my whole body was affected by her. I couldn't let her go and didn't notice that Liam swapped out the can in my hand to a new one.
"Her, you will not poke!" he mumbled and saw who I was staring at. "Jeff has killed for less and she's one of the few things that are on his list. He owns her."
I sighed and met Liam's gaze. 
"She's the reason I'm here!" 
He became almost pale in the face. 
"Are you crazy or what? Jeff will kill you." 
I smiled weakly. 
"Neither Jeff or anyone else knows about it, so what's the problem?" 
Liam sigh easily. 
"Don't drink too much alcohol, mate. You don't know in the what you are doing, and her you need to forget."





I felt Jeff's arms around my waist and I felt how he pressed himself against my back. He lightly lips land on my cheek and I felt the smell of pure alcohol. He laughed and stroked me over the thighs. 
"So how are you honey?" 
I smiled and drank up all in the glass. 
"Now it's good when the party is going." 
He grinned and I saw how everyone avoided looking at us. When Jeff touched me, everyone would look away and it was his law. 
"We're going to fuck then." he muttered hoarsely, pressing his boner against me. "I will take you in every hole and make sure you scream of happiness." 
I knew he was just talking. He would end up sleeping in the sun and he would certainly have enough time to have sex with other girls before the night was over.
"Sure, honey!" I got out of me and felt him slipping away. I watched him disappear toward the woods and I knew what he would do. The drugs attracted more than party.


Eleanor came and pulled me into a corner. She was in quite irritated mood and looked at me with a knowing look. 
"Do you know who's here?" 
I shook my head. 
She rolled her eyes and hissed between his teeth so no one else would hear. 
"Liam has taken with him Niall. Your fucking fan who just stares at you." 
I fell silent and just stared at her. 
She nodded and made sure I understood the gravity. 
"We will get the fuck the police on us if his parents get to hear about this and I don't trust the snot puppy."
I trusted Niall, but I didn't trust anyone other who had come to the party. Direct I left Eleanor and searched through the area after Liam or Niall. I knew what the girls and boys could do with him and I didn't want to expose Niall for something like this.


As soon as I saw Liam, I went up to him and pushed him up against a tree. 
"Are you crazy?" I almost screamed out of me. "You make sure that Niall gets home, NOW! He haven't the hell anything here to do!" 
Liam laughed and showed off both hands in peace. 
"But he wanted?" 
I was angry. 
"Jeff and the other guys can do the mashed potatoes of him and you know how they get when they are high?"
I released him and saw Niall. He came towards us and he looked at me with his blue eyes. I didn't want him to ruin his look, I didn't want him to be like everyone else. 
"You must go home!" I got out of me and noted that he shook his head. 
"I have the right to be here." He said sure and I noticed how cute he was. He had a boyish appearance and his crooked smile at me. There was a big difference between Niall and Jeff. 
"They will destroy you." I got out of me but Niall was adamant. 
"I came here to party and I have fun." 
Liam agreed. 
"Do you hear what he says? He doesn't want to go home, and what should I do about it?"
I looked at Niall long time, thinking. Then I looked cold at Liam. 
"If something happens Niall,, you are the one who must be held accountable. I will accuse you and fuck you if Jeff see him." 
Liam smiled and he seemed not to care. 
"Are you threatening me?" 
I nodded immediately. 
"Well, I don't just threaten you, I'm warning you for what I will do with you. I have used the knife before and I'm not afraid to use a knife again."
This time it was Liam serious and he nodded. 
"I promise to have my eyes on him." 
I looked at Niall again. 
"And you say not a single word to your mom or your dad about this party." 
Niall nodded instantly. 
"I promise I will not tell them anything."


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