Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


13. The hospital



Sandra didn't come to school. I stopped outside the door until the bell rang. It was an empty feeling as I entered the classroom and saw her empty chair. I swallowed and just had the urge to leave school to find her. Harry commented nothing to me, and he saw that I was worried. I chose to keep me calm and saw how our teacher came into the classroom. He stood in front of everyone and he looked sad. Direct I understood that it had to do with Sandra. 
"Yesterday afternoon happened a car accident outside of town." he said, looking at us all. "I got today heard that one of your friends were in the car and she's now in intensive care. They told me that they don't know how it will go, but they're doing everything they can to save her."
"Who?" I asked with a loud voice. The teacher looked at me and he seemed to wonder why I wanted to know. 
I panicked. I picked everything up and ran out of the classroom. I threw everything in the cupboard and took my jacket. Then I ran out of the school and hurried toward the bus stop. My head was in turmoil and my whole body shook.


I don't know if I was crying, because I was in a fog. Everything was spinning around in my head and I found no explanation for my reaction. At the same time, I knew I could lose her, and maybe she wouldn't come back?


"Are you a relative?" the doctor asked me. I didn't know what to say. I stood at the door to the intensive care and they wouldn't let me in. 
"Yes, I'm her best friend." 
He seemed not to believe me, but he saw that I was completely destroyed. Eventually he smiled weakly and nodded. 
"If any other question, tell them that you are her cousin?" 
I nodded and followed him. I wanted to get into her room. 
"Sit here!" got the doctor out and pointed to a chair. I obeyed him and took off my jacket. I felt that my body shook and I felt empty. It felt as if I was in a nightmare and I couldn't get out of it.


In the end, I came into Sandra's room. She lay perfectly still in bed with a mask over her face. Everywhere there were devices that beeped and I realized that it was bad. She had plaster over one arm and her head looked blue print. I saw that she was swollen all over and it hurt me to see her in that state. 
"You stupid girl!" I got out of me and sat down beside the bed. I took her hand in mine and held it tightly. "Why did you have to go with Jeff?" 
I had so many questions, but knew she couldn't answer them. She just lay there and I knew it was bad.


"We can't get in contact with her ​​parents." 
Another doctor came in and looked generally sad. I didn't know what to say. I had barely seen her parents and I had no idea who they were. I knew where Sandra lived, but that was all. 
"I can try to reach them." I got out of me. He nodded and smiled at me. 
"It would be good, because we want them to know what has happened."


Sandra's house was at the edge of town. She lived in the poor part, but it was fine. Her house was not directly renovated but you could live in it and the roof was completely. I went up and knocked on the door. I heard someone mumble and the door went up. An elderly lady opened the door and she just seemed annoyed to be disturbed. 
I swallowed. 
"Hi, my name is Niall and I'm a friend to Sandra." 
The woman seemed not to care and instead looked quickly at her watch. 
"I have to hurry, you can be fast with what you want?"
I swallowed again and felt uncomfortable. 
"She's in intensive care." I got out of me. "She has been in an accident and it's pretty bad with her." 
The woman stopped and just stared at me. 
"What the hell?" 
I looked down at the ground and saw my legs were shaking. 
"The doctor asked me to look you, because they didn't get a hold of you. He wants you to get there." 
I was surprised. The woman looked coldly at me and she didn't seem to understand. 
"I knew that kid would get me in trouble. As soon as she became a teenager, she haven't done anything other than destroyed everything for me. Tell that to the doctor. Fact that they just as well don't have to care about her and shut down everything." 
I just stared at Sandra's mom. Did she mean it seriously?
"But she might die!" 
"Hahahah." she laughed cold. "It would just mean one less mouth to feed." 
She slammed the door right in front of my nose. I was shocked.


I chose to go back to the hospital. I called home to mom and said where I was, I couldn't wait for her to understand. Sandra needed me and I didn't want to let her go.





I saw before me the day I met Jeff. I was fifteen years old and knew nothing about life. He sat down at mine and Eleanor's table. We were at a diner and Jeff caught me right away. 
"You're a fucking beautiful girl!" he said. "You're such a girl that I really want to know."
I hadn't heard anyone praise me like that. In the past, the guys was uninterested and Jeff was the first guy who saw me. He really saw me and in the beginning we could sit and talk all night with each other.


Jeff took my virginity when I was fifteen and a half years old. We had been at a party and he was drunk. I lay on his bed and I felt him panting over me. I don't know which one was the worst. His disgusting smells or that he actually had sex with me. It passed quickly over and after five minutes he fell asleep next to me. I cried that night and promised myself not to do it again, but I didn't keep that promise.

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