Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


8. The day after



I heard the waves on the beach and I heard the birds twittering. I was close to Sandra and I felt her body against me. I remembered everything that had happened and I enjoyed. I realized that she really cared about me. She had feelings for me and I would get her to realize that I was the perfect guy for her. 


"Damn!" was the first thing she got out of her when she awoke. She sat up and was stiff all over. 
"It's okay!" I whispered, but she disagreed. She pulled on her dress and stood up, she gave me my clothes and started making arrangements for us. 
"None of that happened, happened." she said. "Forget everything Niall and forget what we said or did." 
I was disappointed but took my clothes on. I watched as she put back the quilts and how she disappeared into the bathroom. 
"But it happened?" I got out of me. Directly I saw her face through the door. 
"No, forget everything and don't mention it to one single person."


I went quiet after Sandra through the woods and I saw her all the time. She was scared and I saw at her that she repented it all. I didn't understand why. One minute I was it all, and the next she wouldn't touch me.





I knew what Jeff would say. "Why the hell did you leave me alone in the woods." He would beat me and hurt me, so that I wouldn't forget who I belonged to. Yet I couldn't stop feeling things for Niall. He didn't hurt me and he was the kind of guy who really cared. He didn't have sex just a moment's pleasure, and I hated him for it. Why had Niall to be so perfect and why he had to tell me he loved me? I didn't wanna to hear those words from him.


We came to a village and saw hardly any people. I searched in my purse and noticed that I had money with me. 
"We'll take a bus?" I whispered and looked at Niall. "Or shall we go?" 
He smiled and he was so damn cute that I just wanted to throw myself at him. I saw that he didn't care what I found, he followed me.


As we sat on the bus, he sat near me. Right as it was, he took my hand and held it tenderly in his. I met his gaze and felt safe. For some reason, he got me to calm down and he looked at me with such blue eyes. 
"I promise to be quiet." he whispered. "I say nothing about our night for a single person, but you and I both know that it happened." 
I nodded slightly and smiled at him. Niall looked foreward in the bus again and he put my hand on his lap. He seemed almost dream away. I couldn't let off his face and I saw how wonderful he was. Why couldn't I break up with Jeff and get together with Niall? I knew it would happen, but it would have been wonderful. Niall didn't take me for granted and he cared.

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