Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


2. School



I saw Sandra directly. She jumped out of Jeff's car, gave him a quick kiss and began to walk towards the school. Today she was dressed in all black clothing. She had a black tank top, black short skirt and high-heeled boots. I saw her blonde hair was swept away in the wind and her face was so beautiful. She went so perfectly along the street and she had so wonderful shapes on her body. She was a real woman and I could do nothing but smile. I loved her way of moving on the hip and the way she wiggled with the butt when she walked foreward. She laughed and turned her head to look at them she was talking to. I just loved her.


"Earth to Nialler!" 
I swallowed and met Harry's gaze. He laughed and he knew so well that Sandra was my everything. He seemed generally amused and had to nudge me easily. 
"She's not for you and she's with Jeff." 
I disagreed, but couldn't argue. I let my eyes drift back to her and I watched as she walked through the school doors. I wanted to run by and see what she did, but Harry had just teased me all day for it. 
"You can never stop pining after that girl?" 
I didn't answer and heard Louis come against us. 
"What's up guys?" 
I heard them talking but my mind was completely gone. I just saw Sandra in front of me and I could almost touch her. It was as if I was enchanted and that if I couldn't obey anyone but her.


I sat diagonally behind Sandra in the classroom. I saw her wonderful back and I heard her laugh. It rang through the room and made ​​me smile. Her blonde hair hung down over her back and sometimes she corrected it with her hand. She had painted her nails blood red this day and I just loved her nails. She had a couple bracelet around her wrist and I heard how it sounded when she moved on her arm. So perfect sound and I swallowed. Why couldn't she just turn around and look at me? Maybe one day she could realize that I was the right guy for her. Not that I had Jeff's hard shell, but I had much to give her.





I was so aware of Nialls glances. I felt in the back that he followed every movement as I did and I liked it. He was my little fan and he was always there. Yet I didn't want to talk to him and give him hope that I was interested. I was interested, but not in the same way as I wanted Jeff. I spoke with Eleanor, Perrie and Liam under this moment. We talked about the weekend and about how life was in general. Niall didn't fit into that life. He didn't go to parties and he didn't drink alcohol. Niall was a nice guy who was sitting at home on the couch and was just nice. I knew I would just destroy him if I let him come along. Although I knew that Jeff was jealous. He was cheating all the time, but he wanted me not to do the same to him. Double standards perhaps, but I obeyed him because I knew he still cared about me.


"Don't you ever get tired of Niall?" Eleanor wondered at the break and I just laughed. 
"No, because he's harmless." 
She sighed and showed with her little the mirror, as she always had with her, that he stood in the distance behind us. 
"He's cute!" I got out of me. "He's cute and he's like a little teddy bear. I like to have my little fan." 
Eleanor sighed in response and put down the mirror in your bag. 
"So it becomes a party this weekend?" 
I nodded and straightened my hair. 
"Yes, Jeff talked about that all should come. He has rented a cottage and will somehow take all there." 
We changed the conversation and I told her about Jeff's plans. I saw that Niall kept his distance and I felt a little sorry for him. Maybe one day I would walk up to him and say hi? Maybe talk to him and make him not like me as much as now?

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