Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


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I was almost shocked when Liam pulled out two guns. He had shot and everything to them. 
"I have license!" he said quickly and smiled at me. "There's no prohibited weapons, but the police will understand if we have to defend ourselves." 
I wasn't sure, because I had never held a weapon before. Liam gave one to me and I stuffed it quickly in the jacket. I got a little box with shots in and I put it in the other pocket. 
"Are they so dangerous?" 
Liam sighed lightly and looked worried. 
"If you say like this!" he said quickly. "They aren't exactly law-abiding."


The clock was closer to noon when we arrived at the barn. Liam revealed that we would be silent and we snuck up to the entrance. We didn't hear a single voice, and it was showed everywhere that there had been a party there. We went in and looked around, but neither Sandra or anyone else was in sight. Liam seemed to understand that they weren't there. He walked over to a door and opened. He looked quickly in the room and then he looked at me. 
"They're not here." 
I felt like a loser. Still, I wondered what I had expected? That Sandra should be coming towards me and smile? I guess it was expected, that no one was there. 
"What do we do now?" I got out of me and saw how Liam searched on. 
"I think they've gone home to Charlie, but the question is whether they have Sandra there?"


Charlie lived in the forest. He had a ragged house and it looked almost uninhabited. We crept through the trees toward the house and saw that there were a few cars parked there. 
"We have to wait and see who else is there." whispered Liam and sank into the ground. I did the same thing and looked toward the house. Right as it was a guy came with tattoos out, and lit a cigarette. He stood there for a while and seemed to see the forest. Out of the house then came some other guys and they went to one of the cars. Liam smiled and leaned toward me. 
"Charlie are home alone, when they have gone from this place." 
I smiled and assumed it meant good?


As soon as the car had disappeared, we walked toward the house. I tried to peek through the windows and see if I saw Sandra, but it just looked dark. We arrived to the door and Liam opened it. We snuck in and heard someone belched. So was Charlie there? There was also crying from another room and I recognized the sound. It was Sandra. Liam raised his arms and stood as a police officer. He aimed the gun in front of him and went into the room. I followed and saw Charlie sitting on a sofa. He was almost surprised when he saw Liam, but when he saw me he laughed cold. 
"So the idiot has found their way here?" 
I swallowed and kept me in the background. I took my hand in my jacket pocket and took the weapon. I chose not to show it. Liam went straight towards Charlie and aimed the gun at him. 
"You're fucking an idiot yourself." 
Charlie didn't seem to care and leaned back. He drank from a beer can and was just amused. 
"So what do you want?" 
I said nothing, but Liam dared. 
"Get Sandra!" 
Charlie became serious and shook directly on his head. 
"She's my property now and you have no right to pick her up. She's my whore and it's me she's working for."
I just wanted to kill him and Charlie saw my reaction. He smiled rather sheepishly and looked at me. 
"You know that she doesn't come back?" said he coldly. "She's mine and she will never fuck you again." 
Liam showed me not to react. Instead, he sat down at the table and continued to aim the gun towards the idiot. 
"You are alone, and I have guns. Don't you even feel disadvantage?" 
Charlie shook securely on the head. 
"One, I know you're not going to kill me. You are a wimp Liam and you dare not. Two, if you kill me, you know that everyone else will chase you to the world's end. Tre, killing me will not solve anything. There will be new leaders and everyone wants Sandra. She's one of the few things we didn't poke on when Jeff was around and now everyone wants to fuck her."

I heard Sandra fell silent and directly I backed. I was looking up the door with my eyes and saw that it was locked. Still, it was a relief to know where she was.
"Forget it!" westerly Charlie directly. "You don't touch that door and you will not go to her." 
I heard Sandra's voice. 
"Yes!" I replied right away and pulled me gently towards the door. "I'm here." 
I heard she still cried. 
"Go Niall, there's no point to save me."
I didn't care anymore about Charlie. Instead, I went to the door and picked up the gun. 
"Back away from the door and don't stand in the way of the shots." 
I heard she was moving from the door and immediately I aimed the gun at the lock. I let three shots be fired, and then the door opened. I immediately saw Sandra's face. She was naked and her entire body was covered with bruises. I ran in and threw me in her arms. 
"Please come with me." 
She sobbed and held her arms around me. 
"They raped me, they drugged me and then..." 
I interrupted her. 
"I will not let you meet them again." I whispered to her. "Please, we go home?"


Both I and Sandra jumped. Liam fired a shot and I was cold all over. I took Sandra's hand and ran out to them. Directly I saw a dead Charlie on the couch and a satisfied Liam, who was still sitting on the table. 
"He's dead." he got out himself and then looked at us. "You can go home, but I will stay behind and wait for the others." 
I was shocked and just stared at him. 
"Why did you kill him?" 
Liam smiled and laughed a little bit. 
"I want to be the new leader. I have observed them in so many years, and I've grown tired of how they are to people." 
I held Sandra's hand tightly and felt that she was shaking. 
"But Jeff?" 
Liam put down his weapon and wiped his hands on his pants. 
"Sandra, I have contacts. I can see that he gets what he deserves." 
I understood nothing, but Sandra smiled weakly and seemed to realize what he meant. 
"So it was you who constantly worked against the gang?"
Liam grinned and nodded. 
"You can do a lot when no one notices you. It was me who called the police all the time and told them where the parties was, but Jeff usually managed to slip away. I thought I would do my dream last time, but Charlie was quick to take over. I knew I had to kill him and no one will gossip."


I found Sandra's dress and she took it on. I even took a blanket around her body. Liam phoned for a taxi for us and followed us out of the house. 
"So you don't have to be afraid anymore." he said happily. "I will not have Sandra as a girlfriend and I will not allow drugs to kill more people." 
I kept my arm around Sandra's shoulder and smiled at him. 
"Why didn't you tell me?" 
He laughed and looked embarrassed down on the ground. 
"You hadn't complied with the fact that I had said that Charlie must die. Therefore, I was silent!"





I sat quietly in the taxi and looked out the window. Niall held my hand tightly and he looked so lovingly at me. I still felt like a whore, and I still felt the boys' hands against my body. 
"It will get better ..." Niall whispered. "We just have to get past this." 
I looked at him and I was tired. 
"Niall, you still want to be my boyfriend?" 
He nodded and seemed not even to doubt about it. 
"Of course I do!" 
I felt a lump in my stomach. 
"But those guys ..." 
He interrupted me. 
"We police reports them and do what we can. It wasn't your fault and I heard they drugged you." 
I understood that he meant business. He wanted to protect me and he wanted to help me. 
"Okay!" I whispered and smiled weakly. "We'll manage through this."

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