Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


3. Parties



Me and Harry walked over to our bikes and I immediately saw Jeff driving into his car in the parking lot. Sandra stood and waiting for him. I saw her get in the car and how she kissed him with her ​​tongue. I was so jealous that I could die. Jeff seemed happy and gassed off. Harry understood what I had been staring at and he sighed. 
"Please, Niall, forget her. She's not your type of girl and she doesn't even look in your direction." 
I didn't give up because I believed in fate. 
"One day she will .." I replied, "One day, she sees that I'm a good guy and then she will choose me." 
Harry just shook his head and pulled out his bike from the bike rack. I followed and we began to ride towards our street. It was the same show every day. I felt hopeless and I just couldn't let her out of my mind. 
"Can't such a girl like her like to have someone like me?" I got out of me. Harry smiled and looked at me. It was as if he was thinking, but he never came up to the same thing as me. 
"No, she belongs to a different class. She's tough and she dares to be out all night. You're afraid of everything at night and you don't fit with her." 
I sighed and I assumed that he was right, yet I had some hop left in my head.
"She might change her minds?" 
Harry smiled and shook his head. 
"Forget her!"





I threw the bag in Jeff's couch and sat down beside it. He lived in a run-down home and there weren't many things that looked new, but I liked it anyway. Jeff went to get some beer and then came to the couch. He sat next to me and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. Then he opened one of the beer cans and swept it all in the can. He belched and threw away the can into a corner. 
"So what are we looking at honey?" he said like that raw as he used to. "I've been in town and booked the cottage." 
I smiled at him and took my arm around his shoulders. I sat near him. 
"Eleanor want to get there this weekend and I said yes." 
Jeff didn't care. 
"It's fine!" he got out and looked at me. "Any others?" 
"Perrie and Liam?" 
He smiled and took his hand over my leg. He let his hand caress my thigh all the way up to the short dress. 
"Your friends are boring, but okay, they can come. I'll make sure they get a ride."
I spread my legs, in that way as he liked it and his hand slipped in between them. He groaned and smiled when he noticed that I had no panties on me. 
"My kind of girl!" he got out himself and I felt how he caressed me. I sat with my legs further apart and moaned lightly. 
"I'm always your kind of girl!" 
He smiled and quickly he snapped up his pants. He pulled it down and took out his boner.
"Ride me baby." 
I groaned and nodded. I sat astride over his lap and brought it to me. When he penetrated he moaned loudly and he grabbed my waist. 
"You're fucking the best girl there is." he said hoarsely, and forced me to sit down al way over his cock. He had penetrated all the way and I slowly began to ride him. Jeff smiled and he groaned lightly. He forced me to pick up the pace and I loved to please him.


Jeff wasn't the type of guy who kissed me and talked about how beautiful I was. Instead, he pulled me away as soon as we was finished, pulled up his pants and proceeded to drink beer, as if nothing had happened.


"Then we say so!" he murmured tired. "I make so that Perrie, Liam and Eleanor get a car out to the house and then we fucking party." 
I laughed and nodded. 
"It will be like always, funny?" 
He laughed and nodded. 
"I might get hold of some drugs, but it depends on if Johnson get the usual tubes." 
I hated drugs and I actually kept me away from that part. Jeff loved to get high and he loved to be influenced by everything. I knew it was only a matter of time before he forced in me that shit, but I lived for the day and couldn't be afraid.

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