Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


7. Love



I expected nothing. I just wanted to tell Sandra what I felt for her and she answered me with silence. She just stared at me and didn't understand what I said. I lowered my hand from her cheek and smiled uncertainly. 
"You are the only reason I'm here." I said honestly and directly she startled. 
"Niall, you're crazy!" 
I laughed and looked into the fire again. 
"Well, they said it to me all night and that Jeff's going to kill me. But sometimes you must dare to win." 
She shook her head and let me not go with his eyes. 
"I'm not even your type and what can you win?" 
I felt that she was wrong. She just didn't know about it yet and I chose to be calm. 
"Well you're the type of girl I want and you're perfect. I can win!"
Sandra stood up and she stood uneasily in the middle of the floor. 
"Niall, please stop loving me." 
I met her eyes and saw that she had panicked. Why? I loved her and she should be happy for that task. I stood up and walked over to her. I took my arms around her body and hugged her gently. 
"I don't require you to love me back." 
She didn't took her arms around me and she didn't reply to hug, but she was still standing near me. 
"Please, Niall, let me go and look around for someone else." 
I released her and looked into her eyes. 
Her eyes were sad. She shook her head and didn't utter a word. I smiled at her and let my hand pull away some hair from her face. 
"You need not to be afraid when you're with me and I will not hurt you. I will not force you and just let me be your friend."
"I'm not who you think!" she whispered. "Please stop!" 
I shook my head and leaned toward her. I let our lips meet and I felt how she shook. Still, I was sure of my case and I didn't release her. Instead, I took my arms around her waist and felt how she answer the kiss. I felt her arms around my neck and she moved closer to me. Her tongue began to play with mine and I was completely in every movement. I didn't want to have sex with her. I just wanted to have her close to me and I was satisfied. I was so happy that I could die right away. I let my hands move over her gorgeous back and I felt every muscle in her body. She was so perfect and she was like clay in my hands.





Holy shit! Dumb Niall!


I couldn't fall in love with him. I wouldn't be attracted by him, yet it was something with his kiss that just made ​​me want more. He was so gentle and he showed with the whole body that he loved me. I wasn't used to that feeling and I went tear-eyed. Jeff always told me that feelings weren't for normal people, but I had missed feelings. I wanted to feel with the whole body and I wanted to be loved. For Jeff, I was just a possession. For Niall, I was everything.


"We shouldn't!" I mumbled, but Niall wouldn't let me go. Instead, I felt he pressed himself against me and I knew he wasn't going to give up easily. 
"We should!" he murmured back and I felt he let the kiss walking down my throat. He was so soft in his lips and he almost caressed my skin. Everything felt so easy and there was only two of us left. He brought me down to the floor and we landed on the blankets. I felt how he continued to kiss me and he landed on top of me. I spread my legs and let him continue. I had no thought of Jeff and I didn't care anymore about him. Niall ripped my dress off and he was startled when he saw that I was naked under it. He looked down over my body, and he loved every inch of it. I let him take me, I let him continue. I'd do anything to stop. We were like two fires, and we longed for each other.


I felt Niall penetrated. I felt him filled me and I had never felt so excited about another person before. He moaned lightly against my lips and he kissed me all the time. His hands caressed my skin soft and he was everywhere. I moaned back and I received him. I felt how he started working with his body, and he made ​​me go like crazy. I wanted him and I wanted to do everything with him. I took his hands around his face. I stroked him and I got him to go on. He bounced against my body and he caused tremors inside me. I took my legs around his hips and I went with him. I pressed myself against his gorgeous body and never before had I felt so free. He made ​​no demands, and he just wanted me there and on all the quilts. I was wet and I heard it smacked between my legs. Niall heard it too and smiled at me. He looked into my eyes and I felt only love. He kissed me on the lips teasingly and he groaned. I felt how he built me up and finally got my whole body an outbreak. My whole body was shaking and I almost screamed out straight. I was as crazy under him and the orgasm petered out into a flood of waves.


Niall came after me. He pushed himself hard into me and I felt him shaking. He let his face be hidden against my neck and he moaned out all the emotions at the same time. He filled me and I felt how he eventually landed against my body exhausted.

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