Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


19. Lies and slander



Mom stopped me one morning, before I'd go to school. 
"I've heard a lot of things about your girlfriend." she said. "I heard that she drinks a lot and she's often with criminal guys?" 
Niall sighed and picked up everything in the bag. 
"Mom, stop it, she has changed and she has left that life behind." 
Mom sighed and she looked at me with wide eyes. 
"But I'm just concerned that you ..." 
I turned around to her and shook my head. 
"I will not start with drugs and I will not drink anything other than water. Okay?" 
She sighed and seemed unsure if she would believe me. 
"Her parents aren't okay. Her mother's out on the streets and her father has no job." 
I didn't want to hear more. I took the school bag in my hand and walked toward the hall. 
"Stop it!"


On the way to school, I saw Eleanor standing by a tree. I hadn't seen her there before, and realized she was waiting for me. I understood immediately that she didn't want to say hello, as a friend. Her whole body showed that she didn't like me.
"Say it!" I got cold out of me. "You're not here to say that I fit together with Sandra and I know you don't like me."
She sighed and seemed almost surprised that I understood.
"Sandra and I have been friends a long time." she said and looked at me with cold eyes. "We did everything together and she has always been with the tough guys."
I didn't know what to say and stayed so she could ease her heart.
"Sandra's really my best friend," she continued. "I don't like that she chooses a guy that doesn't allow her to do the old stuff. We have always been at parties, tested drugs and been where it all happens. Now she doesn't even go with me to the city."
I sighed.
"It's not my problem? Obtain other friends or go out with the others that you know."
Eleanor laughing direct cold. 
"You don't understand me? It's thanks to Eleanor that I get to be with the other guys. Without her, they will miss me and they don't care about me. Without her, I'm nobody."
I assumed that I knew what she meant, but actually it wasn't my problem. 
"Please, Eleanor, you've probably got lots of girls who can take you out..." 
She stood close to me and looked coldly into my eyes. 
"No, she's the one that everyone wants. They yearn for Sandra and I can imagine that she will sooner or later go back to the old life. You're not the only one who fuck her." 
I became quiet. What did she mean? Eleanor knew she had said the right things to me and grinned big. 
"All the guys want to fuck her and they are willing to do anything to get her, now when Jeff isn't there anymore."


I came to school with a lump in my stomach. I saw Sandra waiting for me and I saw how she lit up when she saw me. Still sat Eleanor's words as arrows in me. Sandra was having an affair? Was she just out after to deceive me, or did she love me? Sandra saw my face, and she knew immediately that something had happened. Her smile disappeared and when I came up to her she looked like a question mark. 
"Okay? Tell me..." 
I swallowed and looked down at the ground. 
"Eleanor was waiting for me." I replied. "She said a lot of things about guys fucking you and they want to do everything to get you." 
She seemed almost shocked and to my surprised, she became angry. I saw how she found Eleanor with her eyes and immediately she left my side. She almost ran across the school yard to her so-called friends.

"What the hell have you told Niall?" 
Eleanor was surprised but then she smiled slightly and stood with her arms over her chest. 
"The truth!" 
Sandra disagreed. 
"I don't fuck other guys and you should know about it. I'm not cheating on Niall and I'm not looking for anything other than love." 
I walked over to them and saw how Eleanor became uncertain. She looked at me and then at Sandra again. 
"Everyone knows that the guys are chasing you. They want you and now that Jeff is gone, the new leader takes over you."
Sandra pushed her away and showed with the entire body how furious she was. 
"You're fucking crazy. I'm not a girl that a guy takes over. I don't want to be part of a gang that behaves like a cult." 
Eleanor was losing balanden, but managed to stand up. 
"I'm just saying what the others said. Matt and the others are talking about who will get you and I didn't tell them that you have Niall." 
Sandra shoved her back again so she had to stagger a few steps backward. 
"You're sick!"





I was so angry that I could kill somebody. I chose in the end to take Nialls hand and walking towards the school. I didn't want to listen to Eleanor's sick fantasies. I didn't even wanna hear about the gang that I had once worshipped. 
"Is it okay?" Niall whispered, but I shook directly on my head and stopped. I looked at him and tried not to show how angry I was. 
"I'm afraid that nothing is okay. My old gang behaving like idiots and if I understand it right, they think I want to be involved in their crazy game." 
Niall didn't understand what I was talking about. He wasn't sure about me and he looked so scared. I hugged him and tried once again to calm me down. 
"It's not your problem!" I whispered tenderly in his ear. "This is something I need to sort out and it'll be fine."
He took his arms around me, but he said nothing. I understood that he was the planet's most insecure guy right now. He had heard Eleanor's lies and then information that he shouldn't have know about. 
"I promise I'll solve it." I whispered and released him. He looked at me with his blue eyes and nodded weakly. I smiled at him and took his face between my hands. 
"It's you I want and I just love you. I'm not cheating and I have no plans to leave you."

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