Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


20. Last party



On Friday, Sandra decided one thing. She followed me halfway home and then she looked at me with soothing gaze. 
"I need to go to Charlie and the others., It's chaos since Jeff disappeared and I promise you to neither drink or be with any of them." she took my hands. "I just want to end it all and make them understand that I move on." 
I didn't like her idea. 
"So you want to go to their party?" 
She nodded slightly and smiled at me. 
"I'll be back tonight or tomorrow. I must do this Niall and when it's done it's just you and me."


I felt like a little child. I chose to stay home and the only thing I thought about was Sandra. Why couldn't I come with her? I wanted to show that I was her boyfriend to them all and I wanted them to understand that they didn't have any chance on her. Still, I felt it was best to stay home. I didn't want to go to such a party and I didn't want to be stared at.





Eleanor was ablaze. She laughed and hugged me.
"The old Sandra is back?"
I broke myself free from her grip and looked at her coldly.
"No, I'll just go there and tell them that I'm not coming back to their party. I will not go there anymore after this night."
Eleanor went quiet and just stared at me. Then she smiled faintly.
"So it's the last party?"

I nodded.
"I have promised Niall to be with him and then I can't go on as I have done."
She was disappointed, but she did everything to hide it.
"Okay, but we can just party just one last time?"
I sighed and realized that Eleanor didn't understand anything. I nodded weakly and we went to the assembly point. The guys and the ones that were in the gang had started to have such places. All who had car drove all the others to the selected location.


I don't know what I was expecting. I ended up in Charlie's car, in the back seat and he looked at me through the rear view mirror all the time. I couldn't miss what he looked at me and I understood that he was ready to take over Jeff's role in the gang. 
"So one last time?" he said and didn't believe in my words. "You mean you're going to be like everyone else?" 
I didn't answer, but gave him a cold stare. I couldn't argue with him and I didn't want to create trouble between us. Eleanor sat next to me and she seemed anything but proud over my choice. 
"You can't stop!" she whispered. "The parties are like a drug and you are addicted to them." 
I sighed and looked out the window. Talk about all of my old friends was smug and they didn't understand that you eventually grew up.


Charlie had arranged the party in an old barn in the middle of the forest. As always the music was loud, everyone drank alcohol and those who took the drugs went a bit from the site, out in the forest. I didn't know what I would do, but I chose to keep myself calm. I saw Liam and he seemed surprised to see me. It took some time before he came up to me. 
"What are you doing here?" 
I swallowed and actually I didn't know what to say. 
"I wanna go home ..." I mumbled, but he seemed not to understand that I was serious. 
"So where is Niall?" 
"At home ..." 
Liam drank from the bottle and smiled at me. 
"So you are free today?" 
I sighed and pushed him. 
"I'm faithful to him, so don't think you can flirt with me." 
He laughed a little bit and shook his head. 
"I'm not the one who will flirt with you." he pointed towards Charlie and his so-called friends. "There are those who planned to flirt with you."
I saw Charlie were checking me out and he seemed almost to plan what he would do with me. I hated direct his gaze and I felt only disgust. 
"I don't want him." I said but Liam didn't care. 
"Jeff has appointed Charlie to the new leader and they've talked about that he would take over you. Jeff's doing everything so that you wont be with Niall." 
I looked at him in surprise. 
Liam looked at me and he understood that I hadn't heard about Jeff's plans. 
"He's in custody and manages to do everything from his tiny cell., He sends out notes, letters, and everything behind the police back. They has no control over him and Jeff wants to continue make money from drugs and other stuff." 
I just gaped and became a little uncertain. So Jeff wasn't out of my life? He still saw to his rule, which made ​​me realize what power he had.


I felt a pair of arms around my waist and felt Charlie's disgusting perfume in my nose. 
"Girl ..." whacked he and pressed his boner against my back. "You don't know the whole story yet, but you are mine. You can forget that I leave you to that Niall and Jeff have said that now you are my whore." 
I tore myself from his arms and spun around to face him. 
"Stop it, you don't own me and I'm here to make a clearance. I will go back to Niall and he's my boyfriend. I don't want you or this that you have!" 
Charlie laughed and seemed amused. He waved to his buddies and right as it was encircled them al around me. I knew I had no chance, but I didn't give up. 
"You are my whore!" he hissed cold and stood so close to my face as he could. "You shouldn't think that you are someone. To us, you're just a fucking hole and I'll fuck you until you beg for mercy."
I felt a needle in my leg and immediately I understood. They drugged me!

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