Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


23. Good morning



I woke up in the morning and just felt rested. Beside me was Sandra and slept. My mom had given up and accept her. After all, Sandra struggled at school and she had managed to get good grades. The teachers boasted of her and wondered why she hadn't shown how smart she was, before. Sandra had just laughed, gave me a quick glance and then said, "You always need the right support to believe in yourself!" Although she had got the order of her life, her parents threw her out. After much persuading she moved into my home. Mom had arranged a room for her, but Sandra was more inside my room, and at night she slept beside me.


I got the princess in the end. I managed to save her and now we would live happily ever after. Okay, I was prepared for that we would make a fuss and not always agree, but for now on we had it great together.





The maladjusted teenager was gone. I threw her out on the street and there was only me left. I learned that I was good enough, that I was okay. Police busted the guys of rape and they ended up in prison. Liam took over the gang, but he chose to keep it more quiet around them, at a normal level. Jeff didn't managed to get involved with drugs and other things from the prison. One day, I found out that he had died. Another detainee had killed him over something as simple as a few smokes. I wasn't sorry that he was gone. I was just relieved.


Niall kissed my neck and I felt his naked body against mine. I crawled into his lap and just enjoyed.
"Did you sleep well?" he asked. I nodded sleepily and kissed him lightly
"Better than ever."
Niall smiled back, stroking his hand through my hair.
"Ready to take over the world?"
I nodded and laughed a little bit.
"But the school first?"
He nodded, and more, we weren't unable to.
"BREAKFAST!" echoed throughout the house and Nialls mom appeared angry that we hadn't come down. She was nice and I loved her. She knew that I slept with Niall, but couldn't argue. She knew so well what true love was, and she realized that she couldn't separate us with a wall between us.


My life was good. I lived a harmonious life with school, normal friends and a boyfriend. We planned to read on, but had no idea to what. Niall wanted to be something with music and I wanted to help young people who were stuck in the same trap as I had done at one time. We didn't exactly rush into adulthood, because I myself had once been as an adult from my angle seen. I just wanted to be young, live for the day and make sure I didn't end up in the same vicious circle again.






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