Baby be with me so happily

Baby be with me so happily - Niall Horan fanfic (+16)


21. Charlie



I ended up in a daze and felt how they carried me to the barn. I ended up in a room behind it all and they throw me down on a bed. I couldn't get out of there and actually I didn't understand what was happening. It was like I was dreaming. I saw Charlie shut the door and he pulled down his pants. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. He lay down on top of me and pulled up my dress. He parted my legs and I felt how he penetrated. 
"Shit... this I've wanted to do for so time." he muttered hoarsely and began to move on his body. I couldn't do anything and I felt his breath on my ear. He moved faster and he groaned. I just wanted to cry, but not even that I managed to do. Instead I just lay there, like a mattress, and closed my eyes. I regretted that I had gone there.


When Charlie was finished, he jumped out of bed and put on his clothes. He looked coldly at me and he seemed to hate me more than anything else. He opened the door and let Matt in. I was scared! Matt pulled directly off his trousers and did the same with me as Charlie had done. He moaned, he puffed and he made ​​me want to puke. I realized that they were going to use me to the fullest and Charlie had no plans to release me.





I was worried and when Saturday came, Sandra still hadn't called me. I convinced myself that she was going home again, back to me, but I didn't trust that idea. Instead I went out and walked. I wandered around on the streets and it was as if I wasn't aware of where I went. Right as it was I saw Liam. He came towards me and stopped me. I saw at him that he was worried and he swallowed. 
"Niall we need to talk." 
I showed that it was okay, but Liam pulled direct me towards a house. 
"Not on the street!" he mumbled. "There are ears everywhere."


I had never been at Liams home. He lived in a normal way and actually seemed his family normal. His room was neat and tidy. I was almost surprised that he lived so normal. Liam laughed at my reaction. 
"I'm not odd just because I party a lot." he said happily. "My family means a lot to me and I stay away from drugs." 
I sat down on the bed and looked at him. 
"So what did you want to tell me?" 
Liam instantly became serious and sat down in a soft couch that stood in his room. 
'It's about Sandra."
I swallowed and realized that something had happened to her. 
"Isn't she going home today?" 
Liam shook his head. 
"Charlie drugged her yesterday and pulled her into a room. He intends to ensure that she doesn't come back to you."
Now, I panicked. 
"You mean they've kidnapped her?" 
Liam smiled weakly. 
"Jeff has given everywhere to Charlie. And Sandra is one of the things that Charlie will take over." 
I was speechless throughout the body. 
"Then we have to call the police?" 
Liam shook directly on the head. 
"We don't know if they're left in the barn. I don't even know if he has her in his apartment." 
I stood right up. 
"Please Liam! Show me where you saw her last."





I woke up with a headache. As soon as Charlie saw that I opened my eyes, he pulled me off the bed and into the shower. He turned on the water, but I got no chance to undress me. I was partly grateful, because I livened up. The problem was that when I was clean he tore off my dress and pushed me up against the wall. 
"You're mine now and you will only obey me." 
I couldn't open my mouth and I just stared at him. I felt his arms around my body, and he had a sneer on his lips. 
"You are mine and I can fucking do whatever I want to do with you. You've been living like a princess along with Jeff, but now I change the rules. Anyone is allowed to fuck you and if they want to rape you, they get to do it." 
I was scared but didn't dare say anything. Charlie let his hands caress my body and one of his hands landed between my legs. I felt how he started stroking me and he let his lips slide over my cheek. 
"You're nothing but a whore." he mumbled cold. "Your body is perfect, but I hate that you think you are more than what the rest of us are" 
Two fingers penetrated and I screamed. It didn't hurt, but it was uncomfortable. He started letting his fingers go in and out. He thought I liked it, but I hated every move he made. 
"You're so fucking nice to fuck." he muttered hoarsely and began to kiss my neck. I tried to get him away, but he was standing still. He laughed cold and lifted me up. He pulled down his pants and penetrated. 
"You're just going to fuck me." he mumbled and groaned higher. "Never forget who's the boss and no one will save you."

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