A few poems about my obsession! I'm not a very good poet, so I apologise if these are rubbish!


2. The day that changed their lives

He sits, alone, the needle in his arm his only friend.

He walks, alone, solving murders with a glance.

He lives, alone, his mind the only distraction.


He sits, alone, the gun in his drawer a disturbing temptation.

He walks, alone, limping, aided only by that blasted cane.

He lives, alone, a blank existence, a fly on the windscreen of life.


Until, his life changes.

His opinions of the world mixed around.

What he thought he knew about himself has been ripped apart.

Here is the calming presence he needs,

The friend he never dreamed he would have.

Here is his dependable, loyal, trustworthy, nurturing blogger.

Hat-man and Robin, the desperado duo.


Until, his life turns inside out.

If he believed in a higher power, surely this is fate?

Here is the adrenalin he craves.

The danger he misses.

A chance to move on in life.

A text, signed SH, send him on a wild goose chase,

But he is happy, excited, living life how it s meant to be lived.


As time passes, the unlikely pair

Become as close as friends.

But the sociopath does not feel sentiment,

Does he?

Just one friend.

One person he can rely on.

Trust in.

Believe in.


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