A few poems about my obsession! I'm not a very good poet, so I apologise if these are rubbish!


3. Mycroft Holmes

The name 'Mycroft Holmes', what does it mean to you?

The British Government?

Older brother of the infamous Sherlock Holmes?

The Ice-Man?

Many a name he has.

But what is the man like, under the façade of labels?

You will find the raw protectiveness of a older sibling to their younger brother.

Hidden well, unmentioned by both parties.

It is not a fact he would like to become public.

You may consider him scary, well in fact you would be right.

The most dangerous man you will ever meet,

Hidden in plain sight.

You do not contact Holmes the elder.

If he has need of you, mark my words, he will be the one doing the contacting.

Not a criminal mastermind, not a consulting detective;

Yet his powers of observation might even supersede those of Holmes the younger.

However, when he is not too busy being

The British Secret Service,

Or the C.I.A on a freelance basis,

He is the British Government,

And the British are his prey.

So watch out, my friends, for Mycroft Holmes.

When asked which brother you fear most,

Is there any doubt as to the answer?


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