A few poems about my obsession! I'm not a very good poet, so I apologise if these are rubbish!


8. At the scene of the crime

At the scene of the crime,

Through the yellow warning,

Past the incompetent fools,

And into crime scene.


It could be anywhere:

A dilapidated building;

An abandoned warehouse;

Or a beautiful manor house;

A field of corn;

Nowhere is safe from crime.


The next question is Who?

Confirming the identity of the body.

It could be anyone,

Any age.

Nobody is safe from the black-hearted rogues

That lurk in London's shadows.


Then, How?

What has killed this person?

There are an infinte number of ways to kill a human.

Which has the murderer used?

Look around for a weapon:




An endless variety of double-edged swords.


Next become aware of the timings.

When was the crime committed?

How long has the body been there?

Tiny clues alert you to new data.


What has happened?

Figuring out the situation

Unravelling the clues.

Using the information to discover

What took place here.

Unique to each crime,

Each murder,

Each suicide.


Lastly, Why?

Suspects and motives.

That's your next port of call.

Everything has a reason,

Cause and effect.

Why is this corpse here?


A glance around the scene,

Scanning the territory

For clues.

Answering the questions,

Creating more puzzles to be


Sifting through the fusillade of data

That bombards your mind.

For that's what a crime scene is:

A playground for Police

To destroy evidence.

But to an intelligent mind,

A battlefield of information

To illuminate the crime.


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